3 Reasons Why Portable Storage Boxes are a Smart Investment

Portable storage boxes are revolutionizing the storage industry, as they are steps ahead of the traditional self-storage facilities, which are immobile structures. However, there are also some other efficient storage options like self storage in brighton that will allow you to store your possessions in a secure self storage facility that suits your needs.

On the other hand, here are some of the reasons why you should put your money on portable storage facilities:

1. It creates an additional income stream

Portable storage units have the ability to bring in an income that is approximately two to three times better than self-storage units. It also brings with it additional delivery and pick-up fees.

They also have an expanded customer base. In comparison to self-storage facilities where you had to reside within 3-5 miles of the location of the facility, portable storage has a wider service area of up to one hundred-mile radius. This will enable you to significantly increase both your commercial and residential customer base. Ultimately this increases your income.

Because of its expanded customer base, it helps you diversify your customers, for example, the construction industry. Construction may not always occur near a self-storage facility but requires storage spaces at the site to store tools and other goods. This is where the flexibility of portable storage comes to play. These are major customers and many more that the self-storage facilities are missing out on, and in the long run, this diversifies your source of income.

Because of the wide variety of customers that the portable storage deals with, this makes it highly scalable. You may have the opportunity to start with a smaller number of containers and gradually increase. There are a variety of options to acquire a portable storage container, and you may have an opportunity to choose what works for you. You can be able to lease, rent, buy or even franchise or become a dealership to an already running portable storage firm. As the number of containers in your possession increases, so does your income.

The portable storage facility may also be cheaper to start as it has few requirements. You may only be required to have space within your compound to store your containers, a delivery track, and an extra one or two employees.

2. Portable storage may help you advertise your business

The portable storage has the mobility to move far and wide. This is advantageous as many people are able to know that you exist and may become potential customers or able to influence potential customers. For example, if you see your neighbor with a portable storage container, you are more likely to contact the portable storage company when you are in need or even influence a friend that may be in need of a storage container.

As the name of your company becomes embedded in the minds of many people, this will play a big role in giving you an edge over your competitors. You will also be able to create an undisputed difference from facilities that may only offer self-storage facilities.

Since portable storage facilities are able to tap into a wider market and very few people have realized this, it has less competition and may allow your facility to stand in the limelight for quite a bit.

3. Customers are easy to manage

Problematic tenants are avoidable since the units are either on your site or are located in your customer’s residence.

In conclusion, supplementing your business with portable storage boxes will give you an edge in the market and enable your organization to grow. If you come to the conclusion that you may require a portable storage box, portablestoragebox.com will be of help to you. It goes on record as the best seller of storage containers made of steel on six continents. Their prices are also affordable, be it domestically or internationally.