Tips To Chalk Out A Successful Website Makeover Strategy

If you are considering grooming your website, then congrats; you are doing the right thing to gain the competitive edge. But one thing to be remembered is, website redesigning either can turn out to be a huge success or can be a disastrous failure. 

So, before you delve deeper into the entire process of remodeling your website, read this guide. Upon reading this you will realize how to properly plan and prepare a strategy. 

  • Enlist your current performance metrics

Although this step is easily being ignored, you should analyze the current performance of your website to compare it to the performance after website redesigning. So, you need to document the history of your site in areas like:

  • Number of visitors a day
  • Total number of new leads
  • Amount of sales generated
  • Top keywords
  • The total number of indexed pages
  • The total pages which receive traffic

However, if you are unable to access this information, then you can make the use of Google analytics

  • Determine your goals

You are considering redesigning your website, and that is a huge step, to say the least, so there must be a good reason behind it. The reasons like ‘we have not redesigned the website for a long time’ and ‘my competitors are doing it and thus I have to do it’ are simply not good enough reasons to go through the process. 

Contrary to the popular opinion, website redesigning is being done to improve the operations of your site and not just its looks. Be sure about why you want to redesign your website in the first place and jot down reasons to hand it over to your website designer. 

Most popular reasons behind the remodeling of a website are:

  • To increase the number of visitors
  • To enhance time on the site
  • To boost sales generated
  • To garner new leads

Many of these goals are interdependent as well, so make sure to recognize these before proceeding. 

  • Focus on your branding and the message you want to convey

Before you begin with the process of website redesigning you will have to be crystal clear about the branding of your website. In addition to it, you will have to ensure that which are the products you want to display and in which way, for example, do you want your brand to be reputed for giving limited discounts on luxury watches like nomos glashutte? If yes, then make sure you able to craft the message skillfully, because you have to submit all these ‘to-do’ tasks to the website developer before he starts the job. 

A new visitor upon visiting your website should see your uniqueness because if they are unable to, they will not hesitate to flee to your competitor’s website. If you plan to improve your branding and messaging then it is recommended to brainstorm new ideas instead of randomly opting. 

If you are crafting your message, avoid using jargon and also give a detailed description of how do you want your site to look like and function to the web developer, to ensure success!