Top 10 European Zoos

Zoos across Europe have faced various obstacles over time, from animal rights campaigns to portraying natural behavior of their animals within immersive enclosures.

Discovering rare and exotic creatures or learning more about conservation efforts are two reasons these european zoos will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Prague Zoo

Zoo trips can be tiring for children, so take advantage of any playgrounds dotted throughout the grounds so they can run free and have some fun.

Attractions at the zoo include an Indonesian jungle-resembling pavilion and Moja, the first western lowland gorilla born in Czechoslovakia. Also of note is Giant Salamander House which hosts some of the world’s largest amphibious creatures.

Loro Parque

Loro Parque Zoo Park is an award-winning zoo and park that actively participates in worldwide conservation initiatives to safeguard biodiversity. The park is dedicated to the preservation of biodiverse populations.

Attractions at Katandra Treetops include dolphin shows and Orca Ocean; sea lions, parrots and pelicans can also be viewed here as well as several restaurants and other activities such as Katandra Treetops Bird Aviary and Planet Penguin; there’s even a water park!

Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo is one of Europe‘s finest and most historically intriguing zoological parks, boasting one of the finest collections available to explore throughout your day trip here.

The Zoo offers several attractions for children, including an ultramodern enclosure for giant pandas at Panda Garden and numerous baby animals due to successful breeding programs.

Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt Zoo may be small in size but offers plenty of exciting sights. Open cages and animal houses give visitors a peek into animal world.

Frankfurt Zoo employs locksmiths, carpenters, electricians and painters in their own workshops who perform various maintenance duties for its animals as well as prepare feed for them.

The zoo is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare. Their enclosures mimic natural environments and offer shelter and hiding spots for animals.

Amsterdam Zoo

Amsterdam’s ARTIS Zoo, established in 1766 and fifth oldest worldwide, is an must-visit attraction. Discover its new lion enclosure, botanical garden, and hundreds-year old trees within its park grounds.

Though not boasting hundreds of species, this park is absolutely delightful for children to run around in and admire the various long-tailed animals! Additionally, you can combine your visit to this zoo with canal boat ride or tram ride for maximum entertainment value!

Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zoo is Hungary’s premiere zoological garden, having opened in 1866 and having made great strides since 1900 in terms of development.

Animal lovers will find much to enjoy at this zoo. From exotic birds and mammals to reptiles and an aviary for bird watchers – this zoo offers something for all animal enthusiasts! Additionally, interactive animal experiences are available.

Vienna Zoo

As a UNESCO heritage site, the zoo is both an attraction in itself and widely renowned for its successful breeding programs, particularly its work to reintroduce Ural owls to Austria’s woods and bring back extinct bearded vultures back into Central Europe.

Helmut Pechlaner served as director from 1984-1988; Dagmar Schratter succeeded him as sole managing director in 2007. Today, Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck serves as sole director with an emphasis on increasing visitor numbers.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo offers visitors a captivating animal experience, featuring black-capped squirrel monkeys, polar bears and chimpanzees among many others. Watch a feeding demonstration or gain an insight into its 19th-century history.

Since the early 1980s, the zoo has been working to improve its enclosures so as to provide its animals with better lives and provide visitors with more realistic experiences. Recent examples include creating an Elephant House and 1.5-hectare Savanna.

The zoo is involved with numerous animal conservation projects across the globe. For instance, it researches musk oxen in Arctic Greenland and assists in returning illegally traded chimpanzees back to their original homes.

Oslo Zoo

Few parks provide such an impressive selection of activities. This park features a wild Nordic landscape filled with moose, brown bears, wolverines, lynxes and rein deer; in addition to offering a jungle gym, water-splashing area and train ride for additional entertainment.

Abra Havn offers pirate-themed fun while safari camps and lodges provide accommodation. The park understands the value of “experience economy”, providing fun all day long.

Stockholm Zoo

Stockholm Zoo is one of the oldest open-air museums in the world, boasting farms and dwellings from throughout Sweden as well as local animals that call this region home.

Stockholm is an excellent city for wildlife-watching, from easily spotting birds and other creatures in parks and forests to opportunities to see rare species. Additionally, Stockholm boasts an expansive cultural heritage offering many exciting things to see and do.