Top 10 things to do in Dubai in 3 day’s trip

There are few things that you won’t find in Dubai. Whether you’re a lover of luxury, of extreme activity, or culture, history, retail, cuisine or otherwise, you will find it here.

However, you have limited time, so you can’t see absolutely everything the city has to offer. Here are the top ten attractions and events for those spending three days in Dubai.

Climb the tallest building

Also known as the “Vertical City”, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and well worth the climb. The tower is host to a variety of residences, hotels, restaurants, and more.

If you want a must-see experience and some perfect material for Instagram worth photos, however, you need to check out the observation decks. The Top can be found on floors 148 and 125, with lounges, displays, and more giving some insight into the history of the tower and the city.

Explore a classic Souk

Dubai has its fair share of markets, but Deira might be the one worth exploring most of all. This area preserves classic Arab culture and architecture in a way few other places do.

Explore the stalls of spices, oils, fabrics and more, and get a close look at what Arab homes used to look like. However, it’s very close to shopping malls and metro tracks, so you’re not abandoning modern comforts entirely.

Catch a dinner cruise

The Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of the Dubai skyline, some excellent food, and great company all at once. Four-courses, music, and peace from the noise of the city are all served.

It can be a rather formal looking event, with some fashionable dinner guests around, so brand clothes are always wise. I recommend using FarFetch to get some new vacay outfits from brands like Alexander McQueen to make sure you look the part.

Go shopping in the Dubai Mall

An Alexander McQueen dress from FarFetch might be a lot more cost-effective, but you can’t ignore the allure of the Dubai Mall. As expensive as those fancy women’s clothing stores like Cartier and Harry Winston might be, there’s a lot to see even if you don’t want to spend too much.

Aquariums, ice rinks, and other attractions make it an excellent place to spend a couple of hours, whether you buy anything or not.

Dive into the history of Old Town

Dubai is one of the most impressive modern cities in the world, a recent superstar in the international travel world. However, if you’re looking for a more authentic look at how the city used to be, you will find it in Old Town.

Besides the Gold Souq, another of the markets well worth visiting in the city, there’s also the Dubai creek, where classic wooden Abra boats can take you lazily over the lakes.

Ski in the desert

Much of Dubai is a marvel of modern technology, and Ski Dubai is no different. Not only is the region’s largest indoor ski resort, but it’s also the first indoor ski resort with a black diamond run. Even the natural climate of the area won’t stop Dubai from making every luxury travel experience available.

Don’t miss the dunes

The city might be a paradisiacal retreat from the hot, dry desert that’s surrounding it. However, that doesn’t mean that the sandy dunes of the region don’t have a lot to offer. It’s a short drive from the city, and Best Desert Safari Dubai can offer some phenomenal sights.

Take a tour in an off-road vehicle with the help of a guide, over giant hills and down steep slopes or take one of the evening safaris.

Enjoy some bittersweet tastes

Coffee is very much the drink of Dubai. You’ll be able to smell a fresh pot brewing around just about every corner. Whether you have an interest in culinary history or you’re just a coffee lover like me, the Coffee Museum is a must-see.

Free-to-enter with a cafe perfectly positioned for enjoying a cup of the black stuff, it shows all kinds of modern and old-school gadgets and techniques.

Marvel at the Grand Mosque

Many of Dubai’s architectural marvels are very much modern in design and nature. However, the fantastic white-washed Grand Mosque, built in the 20th century, is a stark and welcome departure. Only Muslims are allowed in the mosque itself, but for non-Muslims, even the publicly accessible minaret is worth the visit.

A rainforest in the city

Dubai can feel like a concrete jungle, but you might be surprised it can feel like a regular jungle as well. The Green Planet offers lots of tours and talks on conservation and ecological education, but most will go solely to see the many impressive florae and fauna displays.

Butterflies, frogs, sprawling canopies and the indoor Flooded Rainforest all make this an absolute must-see.

Are you ready to explore Dubai?

The center of modern Arab culture, technology, wealth, and architecture, Dubai is a destination worthy of anyone’s bucket list. The above steps are only some of my own suggestions. There’s bound to be more to find for those of you who want to explore.