Top 5 Bucket List Ideas For You and Your Friends

Do you like adventure? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, we discuss various things to do that you and your friends can spend time together while exploring and getting new experiences. You can call it a bucket list, where you write a list of what you have to do before you die. After doing them, you cross them out of the list. Most of the things should be those you haven’t done before to make it more exciting. Below is a bucket list idea. 

Explore New City


Exploring a new city is an exciting experience to include on a bucket list. You and your friends can even make it more exciting by choosing a city at random. Each of you can write a city name on a paper, fold the papers, then mix them. You can then select one folded paper and open it to reveal the city you will visit. It’s a thrilling experience that one should experience in their lifetime. ,

While exploring the city, dress well, do your makeup, put on eyelash extensions with China eyelash quality, and enjoy the new city. Visit various restaurants to try out their local foods and enjoy their music. Make it a vacation you will never forget. 

Get Matching Tattoos


Most friends usually have things that symbolize their bond to each other. Some have bracelets, pendants, a scrapbook, etc. You may consider giving your friends an 18 in Turquoise Pendant Necklace. Moreover, you and your friends can go a notch higher and get matching tattoos. Tattoos are a way of beautifying your skin or creating marks that symbolizes important events in one’s life. It will be the best idea for your squad to get matching tattoos. The tattoos can represent a special time in all your lives that you shared.

For instance, the tattoo can be the date you became friends. There are many tattoo ideas you can get. Whichever suits your friendship will be the best representation.

Road Trip


Go on a long road trip and explore your country. Road trips are very thrilling, especially when you are with people you care about. The road trip can be through various cities in your country until you get back home. If you have a car, the better, but you can hire one that will fit all your things and still be comfortable if you don’t. A better idea will be to hire an RV. RV rentals offer various luxurious benefits that you cannot get from regular vehicles. And if you want to purchase used RVs for sale, you may get one from legit RV dealers like Bill Eads RV.

Pack the RV with food, water, personal effects, and enough fuel. You can even have a folding electric bike in the RV so that when you pack somewhere for a few days, you can use the bicycles to move around. For more safety measures, do not forget your safety gear when riding the bikes like MX goggles, headgear, knee caps, and so on. 

Take a Cruise 


What better way to visit several places at once? Taking a cruise will make you visit many places on one budget. Choose the right cruise, pick a cabin, settle in and wait for the adventure of your lives. There are many places to visit on your cruise, but you have to choose the main destination. For example, you can go on a Caribbean cruise, Hawaii, Mexico, Antarctica, etc. These destinations have a lot to offer from culture, food, fashion, music, and the people. 

For you to afford a nice cruise, you can plan and begin saving as early as possible. Do your homework and search for a good cruise but affordable one. You can also get a luxurious one if money is not a problem. Just remember to stay within your budget to avoid stress and other effects that come with overspending. 

Learn a New Language


Learning a new language like Chinese language is supposed to be everyone’s bucket list. Understanding a new language can expose you to various opportunities such as employment in a new city, becoming a teacher, and getting knowledge about other people. Learning a new language alone is already thrilling imagine doing it with your friends. It is the perfect way to spend time with your friends as you expand your pool of knowledge. You can either enroll in a school or do it in online classes like Chinese tuition Singapore.

If you live near a school that offers languages as a course, it will be best to go to class physically. However, if you don’t find any or are busy, join an online class of your favorite language, you would all like to learn. Some of the most studied foreign languages include French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Swahili, and Italian. Always make sure your internet connection is top-notch to avoid any interruptions. You can buy network accessories such as Cat5e UTP RJ45 connectors to help you with the network. 


Friends have many things they do together but making a bucket list and exploring it together remains one of the most exemplary ideas. Spending time together strengthens your bond and makes you closer than you were before. Spending time together means you will be making memories that will last you a lifetime. Exploring a city, getting tattoos, going on road trips, taking a cruise, and learning a new language are some of the things you can do. You can research more on other activities you can include in your bucket list with your friends.