Top 7 Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists

Are you heading to a hair salon to get your hair like Jennifer Lawrence’s? Do you love accessorizing your hair with a clip hair ponytail? Do you have dreadlocks and want to maintain it using the best loc products? Fancy trying one of Kylie Jenner’s hair transformations? Or are you planning to have some hair extensions? In this post, we will share some of the best mousse for fine hair and hair tips from celebrity hairstylists to get your strands perfectly ready for a fabulous Hollywood-inspired look. 

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1. Don’t hold the hairdryer too close to your locks. Touching the hair blower nozzle excessively close to your strands definitely speeds up drying time. But it also burns your tresses, so make sure you avoid doing that.

2. Use a flat iron on completely dry hair. A typical hairstyling mistake is to use a flat iron on your strands while they’re still damp. Always use heated tools when your hair is completely dry.

3. Always towel-dry before applying conditioner. Excess water in your strands will prevent the conditioner from penetrating the hair shaft and delivering the needed moisture to strengthen and beautify your crowning glory.

4. Avoid sleeping with an elastic band in your hair. It results in breakages. If sleeping with your tresses tied up is what you’re used to, then opt for a silk band instead. That way, you will protect your locks from being damaged.

5. Opt for colored shampoos. Your blonde hair will turn brassy or yellowish over time if you don’t know which hair lightening shampoos to buy. If you want to bring back that golden bombshell look, make the most of blue/purple shampoos. To keep your perfect blonde hair color intact, mix a good purple shampoo with your favorite nourishing shampoo when washing your hair. 

6. Deep conditioning is key. Make sure you use a deep hair conditioning mask at least once a week. Regular hair conditioning prevents damage, increases moisture, enhances elasticity, improves strength, as well as makes your hair softer and shinier. 

7. Wash your shampoo out properly. This sounds quite obvious, however, a lot of us don’t follow this simple rule. If you don’t wash out hair products properly, this will result in a dry scalp and can eventually lead to hair damage. 

Final Thought: Be Your Own Stylist

We’ve all been there — a few days after leaving the salon with the perfect hair, your new hairstyle has already lost its lusciousness. Don’t panic though — with our tips here and at, you will no longer need to splurge on weekly salon trips or pricey hair care products. With a little help from our experts, you will learn to be your own stylist.