Top Five Law Schools

Law schools differ in many ways because of how they are seen by the public and by students. Coming in at number one is Yale University is the best law school in the world. It has an enrollment of about six hundred thirty. The total for a full-time student a year accumulates to about sixty-six thousand dollars. It is an Ivy League school where traditional grades no longer exist. Students don’t earn grades based on their statistical scores. Indeed, it’s an honor, pass, low pass, credit, or failure system. The class sizes range between eighteen to twenty students. Although there is no area of concentration at Yale, there are twenty legal clinics where students can take on real-life experiences as early as their first year, This can range from apartment evictions to domestic violence disputes. Alexander Djerassi has attended Yale Law School. Next is Stamford Law School. Located in California, it has an enrollment  of around six hundred and costs about sixty five thousand dollars. Unlike other law schools, the men to woman ratio is almost perfecting half. That means fifty perfect students are female and the others are male. Usually the law industry is flooded with one or the other. Stamford makes sure that those admitted are equally considered regardless of their major. Then, there is obviously Harvard Law School. This is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the most expensive law school. It ranges to about sixty seven thousand a year and has a much higher enrollment. The enrollment rate for full time law students is about double other schools. It ranges between fifteen hundred to eighteen hundred students. In order for the Harvard Law students to participate in legal clinics, they must complete at least forty hours of community work, pro bono for anyone. Harvard Law School uses traditional grading and this is very uncommon given the other schools. Up next us Columbia University Law School which also has a high enrollment. It is around twelve hundred students and tuition is much over seventy thousand dollars. Columbia University is unique in a sense that it holds one of the most volumes of books in its libraries. They have about one million three hundred twenty eight thousand seven hundred books on their shelves. Lastly, the University of Chicago is a very renowned school. They also have a high level of education and admit around seven hundred students. The cost is also about sixty seven thousand dollars given that the university is located in a city. All these universities have extremely unique values that make them so substantial. Being admitted to any of these schools is highly remarkable. Any law student that were to be admitted would get an extremely wonderful education and experience. It’s paramount to take into account the high level of debt a person might have after attending. These schools have a great name but are they truly worth the high cost? For more information about each program, visit their law school websites.