5 Design Secrets to Make the Small Kitchen in Your Rental Property Feel Bigger

rental property kitchen design

If you’re renting out a home you own, you want to maximize the space to make tenants want to move in. In many houses, the kitchen becomes a focal point for gathering and spending time. A small kitchen can often feel enclosed, cluttered and generally small, making it feel impossible to have a functional space as well as one that is enjoyable to spend time in. 

This is a challenge for a lot of homes, but there are things that you can do to change that. You can do a simple redesign of space without knocking down walls. Without a drastic remodel, there are some simple things you can do to make the existing layout feel larger. 

However like the single room occupancy, coliving spaces offer residents a personal space in a shared property. In addition, however, the occupants share other parts of the apartment, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, library, gym, and many others. Residents in a shared community do share not only the living spaces but also intentions, values, ideas, and interests. For additional info in learning more about coliving, you can check out a helpful site like https://sharedeasy.club/coliving/.

To make your small kitchen more appealing for renters, you can make kitchen remodeling to use out of the compact space. Here are 5 design secrets to make your small kitchen feel bigger and have some . 

Large Kitchen Windows 

Emphasizing your kitchen window space, and drawing attention to it, can make a big difference for small spaces. One of the first things to do would be to make the most of the natural light that your kitchen gets. The more light that you bring into a small area the larger it will feel. If you have use of a window make the most of it. Get as much natural light into the kitchen using the highest quality windows and doors to make the most of it. 

If you’re looking for replacement windows, consider ones that are large and place them where they can access the most light. You can opt to go without curtains at all to avoid cutting up the edges of the window space. If you need blinds or curtains in your kitchen, tie them back to keep them open wide during the day.

European Cabinets

Custom cabinets are essential elements of any kitchen. They need to act as valuable storage space while not drawing attention away. It is important that they are not too bulky or take over too much of the kitchen space. MOD Cabinetry, a custom design cabinet company, suggests looking at European style cabinets for an extra space-saving look. 

European style cabinets provide a sleek look with either hidden or smooth handles. These smooth lines help draw the eye up rather than feeling closed in. With this style of cabinet you can actually fit more into the cabinets themselves which means less on the countertops. 

More Counter Space 

On the subject of countertops, if possible, it is worth trying to look into ways to keep as much off the cupboards and countertops as possible. A microwave, for example, is one thing that many households have on a counter. But if you can invest in an integrated alternative, this could free up a lot of space. Contact the experts at house renovation canberra for more tips.

You could also look at slide out drawers to store things like trash cans and frequently used appliances like a blender for easy access. Less out on the countertops means less clutter and the appearance of a larger space. Be sure to check the Granite Transformations – best countertops to get some ideas.

Color Change

Dark colors in any room can make it appear more cave-like and give the feeling of being enclosed. If you have a small kitchen, try and avoid dark colors in the cabinets, countertops, and walls. Instead, visit osdecor.ie so you can hire professional painters and opt for brighter color options in your design choices.

When painting or looking at new counter and cupboard colors, think about whites or pastel shades to make the space feel bigger. Yellows and warm, light hues are great choices for wall and accent colors. When going with wood elements for cupboards, look for lighter grains and finishes. Get lighter countertops. If hanging art, go for smaller pieces with thinner frames, and hang them above eye-level. 

Bright, High Lighting Fixtures 

Last of all, a great design secret of Fenton MI kitchen remodeler is to use height to your advantage. If you have tall ceilings, use them to make a statement in drawing the eye up. If your ceilings are a regular or even shorter than average height, trick the eye into feeling the space is taller by installing the right lighting fixtures. The clear space you have means a brighter room and also less to make it feel enclosed. 

Don’t get a low-hanging chandelier, which can actually make the ceiling feel lower and the space smaller. Rather, you’ll want to look for statement light fixtures that are simple, bright, and hang close to the ceiling. You could also install something like recessed lightbulbs or small spotlights into the ceiling. The more you make the use of light, the larger the room will feel.