Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Cyber Wars

In the first 10 weeks of 2022, over 150 cyber attacks were launched against Ukraine. Hackers disabled more than 70 government websites in Ukraine in January of 2022. Microsoft found malware in Ukrainian government systems that could be triggered remotely. One month later, the FBI asked US companies to alert them to “any increased (cyber)activity against Ukraine or critical US infrastructure. 

The Cybersecuitty and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a “shields up” alert which recommended all organizations to adopt a heightened cybersecurity position. Within that same month, just hours before Russian troops invaded Ukraine, its eastern neighbor was hit by new malware designed to completely wipe data. For Russia, the war with Ukraine is likely serving as a live testing ground for its next generation of cyber weapons.
But the question arises, why use Ukraine as a testing ground. What makes the second largest country in Europe the ideal target? One answer may lie in the country’s semi-advanced technology landscape and its finite amount of funds. Ukraine’s tech infrastructure is similar to Western Europe and North America, but there are limited resources for counter-attacks. Read in the infographic below to learn more about the effects of cyber war and the future they may hold.

Next Gen Cyber Warfare