Understanding Doors & Which You Should Choose for The Best Security

When you are at home you want to feel safe and secure. It’s your place to relax, unwind and let your guard down. However, regardless of where you live, your home can still be a target. That’s why you want the best security system installation possible and this starts with the right security screen doors using something like custom Woven Wire mesh.

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Alarm systems and lighting systems are great. But, the majority of intruders simply come through the door, because they aren’t strong enough to keep them out.

Fortunately, when you choose high-quality Parkwood doors, you have an array of options to keep your home safe.


There is no doubt that steel is the best option. It is very strong, difficult to break through, and, if combined with a good deadlock, is unlikely to give way even with the toughest of beatings. Family owned businesses like Optimum Window Manufacturing Corp have become leaders in the steel window and door industry. Of course, a steel door needs to go into a steel frame to maximize security.

Steel doors are surprisingly light and come with extended warranties. But, it is best to have them professionally fitted to ensure they do the job properly.

Wooden Doors

You may be surprised to find that wooden entry doors are almost as good as steel ones. This applies to solid wood doors, not hollow ones. Solid wood doors will eventually break if given a beating. However, this is not an easy task as the doors are thick and dense. You can’t just put an axe through them.

A wood door with a lite frame may need to have a deadlock system to ensure it will stay firm if it is attacked. This will make sure that an intruder cannot get through quietly or quickly.

Fiberglass Doors

These are generally the cheapest option and the least secure of the three main options. That doesn’t mean they are a poor choice. However, if you choose a fiberglass door you should make sure that the manufacturer has strengthened the area around the lock. This is where intruders will attack first and the area that is most likely to give.

Bolstering the strength in key areas of the door will help it to endure any attack.

Additional Thoughts

Your choice of door depends on your budget, the style of your house, and how secure you think your neighborhood is. Regardless of which door you choose, it is essential to note that it can only work effectively if it is fitted correctly, uses deadlocks as well as the standard lock, and the locks are actually used.

If you are concerned about safety and security then the door is only part of the issue. You will also need to invest in good-quality window locks and an alarm system, check out Electronic Locksmith sales and deals and give them a call if you want to have your locks replaced. You can even fit a remote doorbell camera that allows you to see anyone at your house regardless of where you are in the world. All you need is the internet.

Don’t be afraid to advertise that you have security features like roller Shutters WA. This will encourage potential intruders to go to a different property and leave yours alone.