Virginia Bill Proposes Updates to Consumer Data Privacy

Virginia consumer privacy laws

There may not be a federal law governing data privacy in the U.S., but states are taking it upon themselves to enact legislation designed to protect users online, if you want to protect your customers data, check this Outsourced DPO Services company at the link. If successful, the Virginia consumer data privacy bill will give residents the right to:

  • Verify whether a controller possess your data and, if so, to view it
  • Correct errors in the data held by the controller
  • Have personal data deleted by a controller
  • Opt-out of targeted advertising, based on the data held by the controller

Who Will the Virginia Data Privacy Bill Apply To?

If passed, the newly created Consumer Data Protection Act will apply to organizations that:

1) Control or possess personal information pertaining to 100,000 or more Virginia residents within a single calendar year. 

2) Hold information on at least 25,000 Virginia residents and make at least 50% of their gross revenue from the sale of data.

In practice, this means that data companies and brokers, as well as most major corporations, will fall under the scope of the new data legislation. 

Crucially, it won’t only apply to businesses based in Virginia, but to entities who hold or process the data of Virginia residents. 

However, this doesn’t mean that small businesses should overlook the importance of the Virginia data privacy bill. While they might be exempt from this legislation, other states are actively pursuing similar bills, and these could apply to smaller organizations. 

How Will Your Organization Be Affected?

If your business falls under the scope of the Virginia data privacy bill, there’s no doubt you’ll need to implement new data management policies, if the bill passes. 

However, even if your organization won’t be required to modify its practices under this particular legislation, it’s well worth considering doing so voluntarily. 

We’re already seeing a growing amount of data legislation around the world and it’s likely to increase over time, both in scope and severity. Due to this, all businesses can gain a competitive advantage by introducing new data management procedures now. 

Modifying Data Management Protocols

For many businesses, the thought of drastically altering their data management systems is worrisome. Not only is data extremely valuable to companies but implementing such significant changes can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. 

Fortunately, implementing new data management protocols needn’t be as stressful as you think. Investing in tools such as  IT services in Rockville and other areas of Virginia, you can access the expert advice and assistance you need as you navigate a new era of data management. 

By incorporating in-built compliance into your IT systems, educating staff, and updating your terms and conditions, you can implement new data controls swiftly and with minimal effort. 

Businesses are already using automation to streamline their in-house processes and data management can simply be an extension of this. 

With automated rules governing online form submissions or email opt-ins, for example, you can ensure that users provide their express consent when they submit data. Similarly, automated data cleansing can ensure that deletion requests are completed quickly and in accordance with the relevant guidelines. 

No matter what industry you operate in or what size your business is, the incoming Virginia consumer privacy legislation is something to be aware of. With early preparation and voluntary adoption of effective data management, you can make a seamless transition to a new era of data privacy.