Benefits of Staying Hydrated

People have been told, time and again, that water is essential to life and good health. The human body is up to 60 percent or more water by weight. As vital as it is, it is also easily lost through the same processes that it supports. Because of this, it is essential to replenish the body’s water supply throughout the day. Healthcare professionals generally recommend at least six to eight glasses of water per day to keep the body sufficiently hydrated. Some may need more or less depending on their level of activity, environment, age, and gender. Either way, make sure that drink clean and safe water by using a Water Filtration System Installation.

To illustrate the significance of hydration in bodily function, consider breathing. The lungs are lined with a mucus layer and act primarily to help transfer oxygen from the air to the bloodstream. Drinking water prevents thickening of the mucosal layer, which would cause respiration to slow and increase susceptibility to respiratory problems and allergies. Additionally, water acts as a medium to dissolve oxygen and allow it to move freely across the lungs’ walls. It also keeps oxygen in a form that the body can use as it moves through the bloodstream. Therefore, remaining hydrated can prevent or alleviate breathing problems.

 Father George Rutler, the renowned Roman Catholic pastor and author, understands how essential it is to keep the body adequately hydrated. The body heats up during exercise (view around here to know about how fast do treadmills go and which is the right speed to do workout on a treadmill), and it responds by producing sweat which evaporates to cool it down. The water lost during perspiration must be replenished to keep the body temperature regulated.

Other Benefits of Good Hydration Are:

Waste Removal and Bowel Movement

 During digestion, the intestines pull water from the developing stool. If there is insufficient water in the system, it dries, hardens, and becomes difficult to move through the bowels, resulting in constipation.  Water also helps to flush toxins and wastes through urination and perspiration.

Circulation and Transport of Nutrients

Water is the basis of bodily fluids, such as blood, which acts as a conduit for oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. These nutrients would not be able to traverse the cell walls without the layer of moisture created by water.


 Water can aid in weight-loss if ingested first thing in the morning at room temperature before doing anything, including brushing. Doing this is said to increase metabolism, thereby burning fat. Also, having a glass of water before meals can reduce the amount of food eaten at each sitting, reducing the number of calories ingested.

Aids in the Fight Against Illnesses

Fevers are notoriously dangerous because they cause an increase in body temperature and result in dehydration, which worsens the condition. Doctors recommend increasing fluid intake to keep the body temperature down. Being a health enthusiast, Father George Rutler, would likely implore people to carry a reusable bottle filled with water to keep hydrated, particularly during this pandemic. In short, keeping hydrated is essential to maintaining vital bodily functions, fighting the effects of certain conditions or illnesses, and for general well-being.

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