Ways To Dress Down a Fancy Outfit

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to wear – especially in the summer, when it’s hot but you need to balance comfort with looking appropriate for your event or day’s activities. Additionally, if you’re someone who enjoys owning and wearing wholesale dresses, it can be hard to know exactly how to wear them without feeling as if you are overdressed for every event. 

Sometimes it is just more appropriate to have a dressed down look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look nice. So instead of spending more money fitting yourself out with a casual wardrobe, there are so many inventive ways that you can wear your nice clothes but dress them down with various accessories or other tricks. Here, we’ve listed a few to give you some ideas! You may also hire a wardrobe stylist to help you with your fashion style.

  1. Casual shoes 

Even the fanciest outfits can be dressed down if you move away from fancy heels and boots, and stray into the realm of sneakers and sports shoes. There is a limit, but even some quite posh outfits can be turned into a quirky casual outfit with  a pair of tennis shoes. This combination can offer an interesting quirky-girl look that creates a totally unique vibe.

  1. Denim 

It doesn’t need explaining that denim isn’t a dressed up fabric – so it stands to reason that adding a denim jacket to any dressed up outfit will dress it right back down. This will give you the perfect look for a casual outdoor party in the summer or even a trip around town.

  1. Casual hair

A fancy updo for your hair is often something that really brings together a fancy outfit and makes it high class. So, if you’re looking to dress down your fancy look, wearing your hair down straight or in loose curls can be the best way to go. They frame your face softly, as well as making your look more low key and casual.

  1. Pared down makeup

Usually, dressed up clothes come alongside done up makeup. However, this is one of the aspects that makes these outfits look high end. If you choose to don some high quality clothes but pair that with low key makeup such as simple mascara and minimal foundation, this will hugely dress down your chosen outfit.

  1. Boho jewellery

Delicate or jewel heavy jewellery is something that can really add finesse to an outfit, so a good way to pare it down is to accessorise with boho jewellery. A good example is a dressed up floral dress paired with a chunky wooden necklace or colourful bangles, to add a carefree, relaxed atmosphere to the outfit instead of making it look perfectly co-ordinated and dressed up. Click here to shop for the prettiest bracelet stacks.

When you are deciding what to wear to your next event, take a minute to step back and breathe and decude what’s appropriate, and what atmosphere you are looking to give out. Oftentimes, a smart casual or half dressed up look will be absolutely perfect – which means that using these tips to dress down some of your nicer pieces will have you looking perfect. To add a touch of elegance, consider complementing your outfit with carefully chosen jewelry pieces. You can click here to go on Rare Colors and discover jewelry pieces that will truly elevate your outfit. You may also pair your outfit with an Authentic Omega Sports Watch or your favorite accessories.