Why Semi-Permanent Makeup Is So Popular

Pencil-thin eyebrows used to be a sign of beauty not so long ago. Today’s standards of beauty are distinctly different. Natural brows are making a comeback as more people start embracing their own look, with a little bit of highlighting, of course. As Essence notes, bushy eyebrows are rampant in the world of 2020 fashion. This trend is partially what’s driving the popularity of semi-permanent makeup. But what is semi-permanent makeup, and what makes it such a popular choice for today’s women?

Saving Time Through Permanency

Vogue reports that many people are opting for semi-permanent makeup because it saves time in application. The standard application time for makeup varies from person to person, but the reality has always been that the longer you spend in makeup, the better it looks. The semi-permanent makeup trend is turning that reality on its head. Semi-permanent makeup is a method of tattooing onto skin, but in a way that’s removable or that fades over time. Additional treatments, according to Avant Permanent Cosmetics, include microblading and ombré shading.

Ombré Shading is The Newest Trend

Enhancing eyebrows to get that bushy look, even if you don’t have that much eyebrow hair, is a skill. The use of ombré shading has helped to give women that perfect look for bushy eyebrows affordably and safely. There’s no chance of those eyebrows washing off in a heavy shower, so you can rest assured that they’ll remain on, regardless of where you are. Additionally, ombré shading isn’t limited to particular skin or hair pigments but can be used with all of them to get that perfect look of filled in eyebrows that’s such the rage these days.

Microblading For More Definition

While ombré shading is easy to apply, close up, it’s evident that your eyebrows are filled in artificially, even if they don’t stand out that much. The alternative is to use microblading for creating small strokes on the skin meant to simulate hair. This treatment, while a lot more in-depth, can also lead to terrible side effects. If you’re opting for microblading, then trained professionals should be your go-to option. Trying to do it yourself or leaving it up to a non-professional can lead to terrible results or the production of unsightly scar tissue that will take a long time to heal.

A Makeup For All Seasons

The most apparent reason that semi-permanent makeup is so popular is that it benefits a wide variety of people. It gives women the convenience of having their makeup for their eyebrows almost all the time. There’s no need to spend hours trying to draw them in at the right thickness. You shouldn’t underestimate what saving five minutes of putting on your brows can be for getting dressed on time and looking good. Remember that semi-permanent makeup isn’t a snap decision. It requires careful thought because your makeup will be there for between two and six months. Take your time before you rush into it. As much of a benefit, it’s not something you can reverse if you change your mind.