Weighing Up The Pros and Cons of Casual Employment

There are approximately 2.6 million casual workers in Australia. That means there’s a good chance you have, or still are, employed as one. But, is it something that you do while waiting for your dream job, something you can do forever, or simply an opportunity that should be avoided at all costs?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of casual employment according to employment law consulting services.

What Classes As Casual Work?

Casual work means you are employed by a company but there is no guarantee when you’ll be needed. This can mean weeks of full-time work, followed by weeks of just a few hours, or even no hours. 

In short, if you’re classified as a casual employee then you are working on an as-needed basis. This gives flexibility to the company to cover sickness and short-notice orders.

You should note that casual employees don’t have the same rights as permanent ones. It’s important you speak to specialist employment lawyers Melbourne to ensure you’re on the right contract. If you think you’re being discriminated at work in any aspect, you may consult with an employment attorney to review your contract and learn which actions can be taken.

Companies often state you’re on a casual contract when you may not be!

The Pros

There are several advantages to undertaking casual work:

  • Flexibility

This is perhaps the greatest advantage. Although you have no control over when you’re offered hours, you are also free to say no to the hours offered. That means you can cut back on work when you’re studying, looking after a sick relative, or undertaking any other important activity. You don’t get that type of flexibility with permanent employment.

  • Better Pay

Most casual employees are paid more per hour than a standard employee. This is because our earnings are unpredictable and the company needs you to be available when they need you. The answer s to pay you more, increasing your overall earning potential.

  • Freedom To Look For Opportunities

Sometimes, the hardest thing about working full time is that you don’t have time to pursue your own dreams. Whether you’re trying to write a book or look for a better job, being a casual employee means you can find the time to follow your own dreams.

The Cons

Of course, there are some disadvantages to casual employment:

  • Irregular Earnings

One of the hardest things to deal with, especially if you have bills to pay, is dealing with irregular and even erratic earnings. You can’t guarantee what you will earn or when. This can make it difficult to afford daily items and often impossible to secure finance and mortgages. 

  • No Leave

As a casual employee, you’re not entitled to any leave. That’s why it’s essential that you verify that you are a casual employee, not a permanent one. This means you can’t easily take holidays or time off.  

  • The Need To Work

In theory, you can say whether you’re free to work or not. In practice, you’ll probably need and want to take any hours available. This can mean canceling plans at the last moment and missing events. 

Casual employment can be a stepping stone to a permanent job. But, the question as to whether it’s right for you depends on your personal situation and what you’re aiming for.