What Are the Possible Consequences of DUI?

If you’re arrested for a DUI then several things will happen after. Normally this will cost you fines, fees, and a court appearance. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Going to DUI school or paying an increased insurance premium are other consequences that you may face.

Are you currently facing DUI charges? Find out the possible consequences of a DUI and how you can fight them.

Consequences of a DUI

Once you get arrested for a suspected DUI, you’ll be placed in a police car and escorted to a nearby police station. Your fingerprints and photo will be taken.

Depending on the state in which you live, you might be released on bail or be required to spend some time in jail sobering up. You’ll be told via a ticket or summons the date of your court appearance to face your DUI charges.

In most courts, once you negate the charges or plead not guilty, you’re going to see video evidence of you failing your sobriety test.

Losing Your Driver’s License and Paying a Fine

A part of your sentencing will see your license being revoked or suspended. Some states might allow you to drive to school or work but under strict criteria and restrictions.

You will also be required to pay a fine as a part of your sentence. Depending on the circumstances, that fine could increase. You’re going to also be responsible for paying for the court cost of your case.

Going to Jail

If you’re a first-time offender then you might spend a day or two in jail. However, repeat offenders face mandatory and increased jail time. Sentencing will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case. You may also need to post bail in order to be released. There are 24 hour bail bonds agencies that can help you with this matter. Your attorney may also recommend and help you coordinate with a local bail bonds company.

You may be given probation, if you fail to comply with the terms of the probation then you’ll be jailed. You also have to pay for the administration and supervision of your probation.

Attending Drunk Driving School

To regain your driving privileges you have to complete an alcohol and drug education course.

In conjunction with drunk driving school, you’ll be evaluated by a trained counselor to see if you suffer from alcohol abuse. You should also be aware that this can trigger higher insurance premiums.

For the mean time, while you are waiting to regain your driving privileges and your real driver’s license, you may use a cloned driver’s license id similar to an Ohio state fake id  for some personal purposes.

How to Fight Your DUI Charges

Once you’ve been arrested get yourself a lawyer and contact them when the police ask too many questions. Also, get a bail bondsman following your arrest so that they can post your bail. Bail bondsmen with Apex Bail Bonds of Wentworth, NC will get you the fastest release possible.

Finally, you must make a formal request to the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep your license. You can read more here about what to do if you get arrested.

The Aftermath

Once arrested, there’ll be consequences of a DUI. Unfortunately, due to the high rate of accidents, this is a very unfavorable charge that can put a blemish on your driving record. There will be several consequences. You will most likely be arrested, you may face jail or probation time.

You may also end up having to pay more for your insurance. In order to make sure that you are fairly treated it is best to contact a lawyer. If you would like more lifestyle tips, please visit the news section of the website.