What Do You Need to Prepare When Hiring a Septic Company?

If you need a septic system pumping or septic repair service or you’re looking to have a new septic tank installed on your property, it’s important to prepare for the process. Preparing for the arrival of the company you’re hiring to carry out the work for you will be very important and could impact how well the process goes once they arrive.

We’re going to cover some of the most important steps to take today if you’re about to go through this whole process. So read on now and find out about the steps it’s most important to take.

Have the Old Septic Tank Removed

First of all, you’ll need to make sure that the old septic tank that’s being replaced is removed as soon as possible. If the company carrying out the installation is expecting it to be gone when they arrive, it’s up to you to plan for its removal. Of course, if there’s an agreement for the company carrying out the installation to also remove the old one, that’s on them to complete.

Prepare for How to Replace Your Drinking Water

During the time in which the new septic tank is being installed, your water supply will be shut off. That means you should plan for how you’re going to access drinking water, as well as water for cleaning and showering, while the installation takes place. Buying a supply of bottled water that’ll last you is probably the best idea here.

Clear the Area Where Installation Will Take Place

It’s also a good idea to make sure the entire area in which the septic tank installation is going to be taking place is cleared. You don’t want any possessions or debris to be left on the ground as this might cause problems later. The safest and surest step to take is to simply remove anything that might get in the way and make the area as clear as it can be.

Tell Your Neighbors About the Installation

If you have neighbors pretty close by to where the installation of your new septic tank is going to be taking place, you’ll probably want to let them know that it’s happening. It’s good courtesy to ensure your neighbors are aware of this and what they should expect. It shouldn’t interfere with them too much, but it’s still good to provide a warning.

Have the Soil Tested

It can also be a good idea to have the soil tested. The condition and type of soil you have can impact your septic tank needs, so it’s a good idea to be clear on all of that before you have the installation completed. This is usually something the installation team will pay attention to as well though.

It’s important to consider each of the things mentioned above if you’re set to have a new septic tank installed on your property. Doing so will make the process of installing the new tank a lot easier and fewer problems should be encountered along the way. You should also ensure you’re working with a company you can trust to carry out the installation.