What is Butane Honey Oil?

Honey Oil is top-rated and is formed by extracting cannabis by using butane as the primary solvent. You can easily understand the concentrate of butane in a solvent as it is labeled as BHO, making it easier to identify. Butane is a highly flammable substance that makes the production of hash oil very dangerous. Depending on the strain of cannabis, the texture of butane honey oil is defined. The methods to make this oil vary considerably, and the main goals are accomplished through several processes of separation and purification.

Honey Oil extractions have various consistencies, which are mentioned below:


Shatter has smooth-surfaced that is very hard in nature. When it is broken apart, it tends to break down into pieces.


The consistency of crumble is relatively less when compared to shatter as it can be crumbled easily. This means that crumble is easy to break as the surface is softer than shatter.


Badder has an entirely different consistency. As the name suggests, the badder is soft and has a buttery smooth texture. The consistency of badder is somewhat like taffy.


The sauce is viscous and quite sticky when compared to other consistencies.

Butane Honey Oil can be found in many forms and consistencies worldwide. BHO extracts consist of high THC content, which is responsible for delivering the high. The THC content in Butane Honey Oil is somewhere around 80% to 90%. With the help of closed-loop extraction equipment, the THC and terpenes can be extracted from marijuana flowers, taking advantage of solvents that contain butane.

Uses of Butane Honey Oil:

BHO is famous worldwide for its medicinal and recreational benefits that are unmatched to any other oils found. Butane Honey Oil can be infused into many consumable goods such as foods and drinks, providing the pleasure that consumers are looking for. The THC contents pass through the digestive system and break down into THC metabolic. THC metabolic offers longer and more potent effects when compared to the inhaling process.

BHO is also used widely to produce THC oil or tinctures that can be used later in consumables such as food and drinks. With the help of a dropper, BHO can be consumed. Once consumed, wait for around 20 seconds by the time the bloodstream absorbs the oil. When taken with consumables, it takes around 45 minutes to get high, which can be reduced by taking through the dropper in around 20 minutes.

BHO is also a top-rated medicinal product used to cure pain and inflammation. There are several BHO infused creams, balms, and lotions that provide relief instantly. BHO can be used for the vaporization of the body to provide complete relaxation from pain. This process has a very stimulating effect, creating a relaxed mind and body. If you find this interesting you should read the following article, The benefits of CBD honey.

Many people have a misconception about Butane Honey Oil, believing it is bad for health and the body. This is not valid as there are several lab tests carried before the manufacturing of BHO. Many licensed shops present worldwide provide legalized Butane Honey Oil, causing no harm to the body.