What Should You Pack For A Hiking Trip?

Hiking is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and have fun with your friends while putting your body through a good workout. However, any trip may prove to be a hassle if you’re not well prepared for everything. Packing the essentials matters, and it is also recommended to grab some extras with you to make the best out of your hiking trip.

A backpack that is fit for hiking

Fortunately, there are plenty of backpacks today that cater to hikers, and they excel in terms of capacity, compartmentalization, as well as resistance to bad weather. You will want a backpack that’s waterproof because you can never know when the rain starts when you are out in the open, and you surely don’t want your supplies to get wet.

A good quality backpack should also have plenty of pockets that are easy to access. Maybe you want to reach for your 10×50 binoculars or find your phone. If there are dedicated compartments for all your supplies, you will find your backpack to be the companion you’ve been looking for.

Proper footwear and clothes

If you plan to spend an entire day hiking, a good idea would be to get proper footwear and clothes that will not let you get wet in case of rain. To make it clear, the clothes you should get must be able to wick moisture fast, and another good idea would be for them to have layers so that you can add or take out some depending on the temperature outside.

Your hiking shoes must be resistant, have a good grip, and also provide great comfort to the wearer. Seeing how you will have to spend hours walking in them, you surely don’t want any blisters and other mishaps to ruin your trip.

Get enough food and water to take you through the day

Don’t forget that hiking can be quite a demanding physical activity, which means that you will feel hungry and thirsty more than usual. Pack enough food and water to keep well fed and hydrated throughout your trip.

Since you don’t want your backpack to end up weighing a ton before you go out the door, think of food that packs a lot of energy in small packages. There’s not much you can do about water, but a hydration pack that could be attached to your backpack is a great idea. At least a 2-liter hydration pack should be part of your supplies.

For snacks, buy energy packs, nuts, jerky, and any other foods that you can munch while continuing to hike. Also, these will not take up a lot of space in your backpack, and you’ll not have to worry about becoming encumbered.

Pack navigation supplies, too

When hiking, it can be easy to lose sight of your destination point, which is why you need some navigation supplies, as well. A map and a compass are the bare essentials, but today, with all the technology that surrounds us, you should be able to find your way easier.

If you can, pack a GPS unit, too. Your phone may serve the same purpose, but the service might be affected by coverage, which is why a dedicated device is a much better choice.

Keep yourself and your friends healthy

Bring along with you a first aid kit, as well as supplies for cleaning your hands, and any prescription medication that you must take regularly. You can never know when someone scrapes a knee or needs a pill for stomach aches. Additional supplies may include a sunscreen cream, insect repellant, a hat, and antiseptic wipes.