Where is AI Used Today in Business?

Most modern talk of AI is that of AI art, AI therapy, and other prospective and interesting uses. It’s easy to get caught up in the flashy future and to forget that AI is already extremely prevalent today. While creation of novel AI products is 20% of all AI uses, no small percentage. The other 80% is full of analytics, optimizations, and automation.

AI at its most basic is a machine that can learn. More than anything this is useful today for parsing all the information available. Doing this allows advanced analytics to be created, optimization of existing systems, and prospective services to be offered. Optimization of products and services alone makes up 40% of modern AI usage.

In the business world, for a while, AI was relatively limited in use. Some businesses like social media sites and search engines have been using AI for a long time. Yet others only very recently have started to find a use for AI software and services. For example, the number of AI uses a business would average in 2018 was 1.9. This jumped to 3.8 in 2022 and is predicted to double by the end of 2023.

This is a massive boost in the impact of AI. AI is slowly becoming a part of the most simple parts of day to day life. It’s becoming a vital part of any businesses and internet-based organization. Of course, the more exciting and novel uses are still in development. Yet even if those ultimately fall flat, AI isn’t going anywhere. Learn more about uses of AI in business such as Advanced Document Understanding below:

Intelligent Document Processing and AI