Why Bangkok is a Digital Nomad’s Paradise

If you are one of those lucky people that make your living online, this allows you to live in any location, providing you have a fiber internet connection, and for many tech savvy westerners, Bangkok ticks all the boxes. Great Internet speed, with every coffee shop offering free Wi-Fi, it is very easy to find some cosy workspace, plus you get meet other entrepreneurs who are also enjoying the City of Angels, and when you are not sitting in front of your screen, there’s an amazing city to explore.

Great Accommodation Choices

Those who live in Bangkok would either own their own condo unit or rent one in a nice part of town, and the amenities are top-notch, with pools, fitness centres and laundry service, all under one roof, so to speak, view more here.

New arrivals are advised to stay in a hotel like the Best Western in Sukhumvit Road, which is ideally placed and over a period of a couple of weeks, you would find a suitable condo unit that falls within your budget.

Work Environments

Perhaps due to the large number of digital nomads in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road has many coffee shops where you can get your work done in quiet and attractive environments, plus you can always work in a temple garden to change the scenery. Some online bloggers have a few laptop batteries charged, which allows them to find a shady natural area where they can write to their heart’s desire, plus you can buy an Internet SIM card for your smartphone, which you can hotspot for your laptop or tablet. This empowers you to be able to work in any location.

High Speed Internet

Bangkok has a reputation for reliable high-speed Internet, which is also very affordable, and for around $25 per month, you can have a 4mbs Internet connection on your smartphone, which allows unlimited data. Of course, it is nice to use the free Wi-Fi in the coffee shops and malls, but with an Internet SIM card, you have complete freedom and independence.

The Street Food

Bangkok has street food to die for! Wherever you turn, you will find small mobile kitchens with pork and chicken BBQ and sticky rice, with morning Thai donuts and coffee, plus fruit sellers with iced produce, which is great for hot afternoons.

Fantastic Nightlife

Bangkok’s major attraction is the diverse nightlife that can be found, with tech clubs and very trendy exclusive lounges around the Thong-Lor area. Let’s not forget the Go-Go bars in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but great party venues if you are celebrating a successful project. Indeed, you would meet many expats who work online, as they have their regular haunts, and if you want to hear some wild stories of the old days in Bangkok, buy these guys a beer and all will be revealed.

If you make a living on the World Wide Web and are looking for a great place to live, Bangkok has much to offer, and you can make friends with some of the other expat nomads who can show you around until you find your feet.