Living in the City vs. the Suburbs: Pros and Cons

Some people love the hustle and bustle of a big city and have always dreamed about renting an apartment in Grand Prairie, Chicago, New York, or Denver, while others would rather be in the suburbs with a big yard and less noise. 

Regardless of your preference, there are many advantages and disadvantages to living in a city versus the suburbs. When deciding which place to reside in, you’ll have to look at where the pros outweigh the cons. If you’re looking for a luxury apartment or a two-bedroom apartment for rent, look no further because offers living spaces that are just plain aesthetic.

Interested to know which one will be best for you? Read on for the good and bad of both to help you make that important decision.

Living in the City 

The Pros

If you’re a young adult and looking for the most diverse job opportunities, then city life is perfect for you. Many corporations or office buildings have their headquarters in cities, which increases the chances of you finding work. 

If you love to go out on the weekends, cities are perfect for nightlife. You’ll never be stuck on what to do with a large number of bars, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment options across town. Even better, you’ll find special events all over the city, so won’t have to travel far. 

The Cons   

To live in a city, you’re going to have to pay more. Business Insider reported that the average price of a small one-bedroom apartment in Miami is $1,995, in New York City is $2,650, and in San Francisco is $3,600. 

It doesn’t stop with rent; everything including, restaurants, drinks, parking, fast food, and more are all more expensive in cities. The high price tag doesn’t mean that you’re going to be getting them in a bigger size either. 

There’s a lack of space in cities for residents, so apartments are often tiny. Depending on where you live, it’ll be noisy with cars beeping, ambulances, and other sounds at all hours of the night. 

Living in the Suburbs 

The Pros

When you are living in the suburbs of Houston, you’ll have a lot more space to call your own. You’ll have a driveway, a yard for the dogs or the kids to play in, and bigger rooms. The cost per square foot is cheaper than in the cities. 

The public school systems tend to be better in suburban areas. If you’re at the point in life where you want children, this is an important aspect to consider when choosing where to live. The crime rate is lower in the suburbs, which can make you and your family feel safer, too. 

The Cons

When you live farther from the city, you’ll have to commute longer to work. MarketPlace reported that an average worker in the United States spends about two and a half hours a week in traffic. 

If you don’t want to commute into a city every day for work, the job opportunities outside of the city are a lot smaller. You won’t have as much access to a variety of entertainment or restaurants. You’ll have to travel for it or settle for whatever your town offers. 

The property tax for apartments for rents or houses in suburban areas are higher because they are larger and they put more into the school systems. 

The Bottom Line

When making the decision on where to live, it all depends on your personal preference. Some people love living in the city renting luxury apartments or buying luxury houses for sale with all that it has to offer and the fast-paced lifestyle and great job opportunities. Others prefer a quieter life and more space for them and their family to enjoy themselves at home.

There will always be pros and cons for every tough choice we make. Weigh them up and see what works best for you. If you make the wrong decision, you can always try the other option.