Why Most Bail Bond Agencies Oppose Capital Punishment

Capital punishment can be described as death for a crime committed. The use of capital punishment is not new and has been used more widely in the past, both in the U.S. and other parts of the world. While it is still applicable in some countries, several debates have questioned its motive and effectiveness. Many bail agencies such as Bob Block Bail Bonds- #1 bail agency in the U.S. have argued that it needs to be abolished because it wrongfully takes the lives of innocent people who have been framed for murder. Some countries have completely stopped using capital punishment and have resorted to life imprisonment instead. In the U.S., some states have followed suit, whereas others still prefer the old-fashioned execution. 

Many people wonder what capital punishment is and would like to know some of the methods used to carry out the punishment. The process involves using legally authorized ways of killing a convicted criminal for a heinous crime committed. While some states still use capital punishment to punish offenders, people continue to debate about the intention, morality, and effectiveness of this process. In today’s world, society does not support capital punishment to punish offenders and does not believe it is a justified way of seeking justice. It is like doing two wrongs, to make one wrong right. However, the U.S. is among some countries that still use this form of punishment sparingly to deter and even punish heinous crimes.

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Also, to better understand capital punishment, it is important to explore some of the common types of capital punishment.

Lethal injection: A lethal substance is injected into the criminal’s body through veins and tends to be the most prevalent method of executing criminals in the U.S. More than 30 states that implement the death penalty use this method of execution. Drugs are then administered in a series to sedate the criminals and send them into a deep, coma-like unconsciousness before they are paralyzed and killed. The drugs also contain a paralytic agent to prevent muscular-skeletal movements, paralyze the diaphragm, and stop respiration all together. Another drug induces cardiac arrest by interfering with the electrical signals. The first drug is meant to sedate the prisoners to ensure they don’t experience any pain when paralysis and cardiac arrest is induced.

Electrocution: This is another common form of capital punishment that has been used for several decades. It was implemented in the U.S. in 1888 and in 1889 William Kemmler became the first to be executed by this method in Auburn Prison’s electric chair. Soon after, electrocution became the primary method of execution. Electrodes are placed on the shaved parts of the prisoner’s head and legs before a high voltage current pass through the body to cause violent muscle contractions. The prisoner must be strapped to the chair because of the violent reaction.

Gas chamber. This is execution by lethal gas, which was adopted in 1921 in the state of Nevada and was considered more humane than the traditional methods of execution, such as firing squad, electrocution, and hanging, which are other common types of capital punishment.

Capital punishment is the legal killing of a prisoner and acts as a great deterrent for future murderers, if you ever have the option to go out on bail, here is an articlwe about Finding a reputable bail bondsman just got easier.. The question as to whether or not it is justified continues to be a subject of debate. Regardless, it gives closure to the friends and families of the victims.