Top 3 Most Meaningful Workplace Injury Statistics and What They Mean For You

Workplace injuries regularly ruin lives, and you might be surprised to learn how hazardous your workplace actually is.

It’s important to know about common workplace injury statistics so that you can take proper precautions. There’s more than enough to worry about right now without you getting injured!

Sometimes, workplaces don’t like to spread this kind of information in order to cut corners on safety measures. If your workplace operates that way, it’s up to you to spread the news.

Here are the top three workplace injury statistics to know and teach about.

1.  The Reason to Know Workplace Injury Statistics

When you hear about someone’s devastating workplace accident, you think it could never happen to you. Statistically speaking, you’re wrong: A worker is injured every seven seconds.

If this is surprising to you, you’re probably not aware of common hazards and injuries on the job. This statistic is one of the most important workplace injury statistics to know because it illustrates how widespread the issue is.

All workplaces should tell workers this statistic to keep everyone safety-minded. Nobody wants to get the injury that’s due in the next seven seconds. Workers who know this statistic are more likely to take appropriate caution.

2. The Most Common Workplace Injuries

You need to know what kinds of injuries you’re at risk of getting at work in order to take the right precautions. There are three most common workplace injuries to look out for:

Cuts and Puncture Wounds

This is what comes to mind when someone says “workplace injuries.” Jobs that involve cutting and work around heavy machinery lead to ugly cuts and puncture wounds when workers fail to take caution.

Straining, Sprains, and Other Muscle Injury

Any job that involves heavy lifting or repetitive motion is at risk of causing muscle injuries. Things like straining, sprains, and tears are common in industrial and manufacturing jobs, but also in office work and other careers.

Back Pains and Soreness

This is one of the easiest injuries to get at work.

If your job fails to provide adequate back support and ergonomic workstations, you might end up missing work due to posture issues and back pain. Even though it might seem minor, this may be a workplace injury to talk to a lawyer about.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a workers compensation attorney consultation if you sustain any of these injuries while performing your work duties.

3. The Highest Paid Types of Lawyers

This workplace injury statistic is a little happier. While injuries in the workplace are all too common, there are lots of workplace injury lawyers fighting for those affected.

If you or anybody you know is searching for a new and well-paying career, this could be the career for you. Workplace injury lawyers and other labor attorneys are among the highest paid types of lawyers.

As long as workplaces exist, there’s always a need for workplace injury lawyers. Learning labor law is a great way to fight for what’s right and get compensation for yourself as well as for your clients.

Learn Other Important Statistics and News

After learning these three top workplace injury statistics, you can get back to work with safety in mind. You might even look into becoming a workplace injury lawyer to help address the issue yourself.

You’re in the right place whether you want to learn more about new careers, get workplace information, or discover other statistics and news. Take a look around and learn something you’ve never thought about before in no time at all.