Why the Media Can Be Life-changing

The media has a variety of ways that it can be life-changing. For media specialists like Ken Kurson , it has gifted him a career. For many, it can be a negative way. Many have been victims of cyberbullying and detest the media and everything it stands for. That being said it is important that when a person discusses their history with the media, that there are no biased tones.

For example, many influencers have made careers off of getting likes and subscribers on YouTube. Advertisers pay them to review products in hopes that purchases will be made. The media has connected a direct sale to a social media post. This is life-changing for many because it is heavily convenient and easy.When a person is negatively impacted by the media, it can be a very melancholy experience. Those who put themselves out there can be ridiculed and constantly oppressed. It is disheartening to see innocent people get sucked into the horrible depths the media can have. Ken Kurson urges people to keep a positive start of mind when online and log off if it becomes too overwhelming.