Will Solid State Batteries Revolutionize Electric Cars?

battery for electric car

When we think about technology revolutionizing the world, batteries aren’t typically the first thing that come to mind. They’re a common weak point on EVs, though, according to experts like California lemon law attorney Conn Law, and they’re long overdue for an upgrade. Now, the promise of solid state batteries stands poised to change the game. Today, we’ll be taking a look at just how these innovations may alter the functionality of electric cars, you can also always check this out to see the best non electric cars and vans.

A Note on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Currently, most auto electric vehicles run on lithium-ion batteries. These are like the batteries you’d find in a laptop computer or cell phone. While they are commonplace, they do have some significant drawbacks to their use. Lithium-ion batteries are heavy, on account of the liquid electrolyte they contain and their need to be linked together to generate power, if you want to learn more about cars then be sure to see this website.

What’s more, lithium-ion batteries become unstable when exposed to high temperatures, which is why you hear the occasional story about them exploding and why you’re recommended to handle/dispose of them with care. This is all in addition to the fact that lithium-ion batteries will slowly lose their ability to recharge over time and become less effective.

Solid state batteries, however. Next, let’s take a look at how the solid state batteries diverge from lithium-ion batteries and where they may provide advantages for future EVs.

What a Solid State Battery Does

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, solid state batteries do not have the heavy liquid-electrolytes inside, instead using a solid electrolyte. This allows them to produce power similarly to lithium-ion batteries, but maintain a more compact form so that they save space within the vehicle.

Solid state batteries have been used for years in small electronics, but now experts are expecting their inclusion within large electric vehicles to completely revolutionize the space. This article from Science Daily, for instance, suggests that “the next generation of electric vehicle batteries, with greater range and improved safety, could be emerging in the form of lithium metal, solid-state technology.” 

Wrapping Up

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Solid state batteries could be key in improving the abilities of electric cars while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of onboard fires, but their adoption will depend on manufacturers being able to harness the necessary materials, like ceramics, and using them in a way that will function in batteries meant for motor vehicles. Then also learn about the role of a high powered 48V Alternator here.

Manufacturers will also need to find a way to apply the building blocks of solid state batteries while accounting for weaknesses (like the fact that ceramic is prone to cracking) that might limit their functionality. The next few years will likely tell how manufacturers will tackle these challenges.