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Ways to Save Your Marriage During a Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, families are experiencing higher levels of stress due to financial instability, worry over medical concerns, feelings of isolation and lack of privacy, and even minor problems can seem unmanageable and overwhelming for even the most stable relationships.  All of these factors combine to create what feels like a failing relationship. So,

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Addressing Gender Discrimination Through Equal Pay

Gender discrimination is a serious issue, particularly in the workplace. It might manifest, according to professionals like Kampf Schiavone & Associates, in the form of harassment and workplace bullying, but not always.  In many cases, the clearest form of gender-based discrimination displays itself through uneven pay between men and women. Equal pay, therefore, is something

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The Best Way to Defend Against a DUI

It’s difficult to fight consecutive DUIs in court, but what if this is your first one? Couldn’t the court be lenient since you made one mistake? The answer is mixed. You need an excellent DUI defense attorney to argue your case as well as a solid defense.  Believe it or not, there are ways to

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