Working From Home: Protecting Yourself Online

The ability to work remotely from a company computer in the office doesn’t raise any concerns in general. The IT department can handle a majority of issues or malware that has infected the computer. Working remotely needs to be done safely as you will be at fault if company information is stolen from the computer. There are a variety of tactics that can help improve your security while working from home. Below are a few tips from Appvizer with advice on how to have a secure space on your computer and discover and choose the best Backup Software that will help you stay safe and free from blame during a data leak. 

Keep Your Computer a Secure Space

The odds are that you are using your personal computer for work as you are more comfortable with it, however, you can get refurbished pcs for work. Security needs to be a focus as your personal surfing of the internet can result in malware. You might not think that you have information that a hacker would desire but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Security updates should be done although these updates are a productivity killer. Set your notifications on your security updates to generate automatically. Certain computers can be locked with a simple keyboard manipulation which differs by brand of device. When all else fails, simply close your laptop to have it lock automatically. If you’re using a windows computer, a msvcp140.dll  download is a must.

You need to come up with a decent password that is unrelated to your personal passwords for work. Take the time to look into options for password protection and monitoring online. 

Your Network Needs to be a Secure Space

Your network at home needs to be as secure as possible. A having neighbor your password is one thing, a stranger hacking the network could be catastrophic. Default passwords for networks are used by hackers to see which networks are vulnerable. Changing your network name is also important and can be a bit of fun. A vpn for torrenting or virtual private network makes your network far more secure and these networks are widely used for security reasons. A quality vpn for tor browser can be found for a few dollars a month and the peace of mind it provides is second to none. If you are looking for the best VPN for torrent, you will find all the best options on

Keep Your Communications in Mind

 Your email can be a dangerous place when it comes to downloading malware. External emails are flagged by some networks in order to keep company information safe. Browsing your email on a VPN is possible and allows you to browse in a safer way, if you need access to a private network, check this free vpn download link. You can use an email encryption service personally but management at your company has to impose this company-wide. If you are constantly handling sensitive information, requesting for an encryption might be all you have to do. 

The office makes it easy to stop by a coworker’s desk to ask a question but now this is done through instant messaging and texting. There is no real protection when you send a text as this information can easily be purchased by telecommunications providers. Secure messaging apps are available that can protect information rather than sending it via text. 

Video meetings can be secure but there have been quite a few hacks leading to “Zoom Bombing”. Take the time to make sure that everything is secure so your corporate information discussed during a meeting stays confidential. 

Securing Data 

People that have children might give them their work laptop to browse the internet. Children are not as well-versed in surfing the Internet safely which is a lesson you need to teach. Creation of a different account for each member of the family can allow you to put restrictions on children’s accounts. 

When using a Mac you can create regular accounts or admin accounts. With Windows, you can create child accounts with parental controls which is imperative. Windows does a good job at keeping users from accessing data on your device. Mac does a better job but neither can stop a hacker or malware attack without the proper precautions. 

Password Security 

Hopefully in the near future there will be a better way to access sites and apps other than passwords. Biometric logins are a great example but these aren’t available for certain apps and sites. You need to change your passwords and make sure that you are not reusing them. Password managers can allow you to login without issue with a password that would nearly be impossible to remember. Certain managers allow you to classify your passwords whether it is for work or personal use. 

Two-factor authentication needs to be implemented to an added measure of security. A notification that somebody is trying to access your account can be a great indication it is time to change passwords. 

Working from home should be done without worrying about being hacked on your company computer. Take the precautions above as you do not want to lose your job or be reprimanded due to a breach. Proactive approaches to online security are important as reactive approaches are usually followed by quite a bit of damage control.