Your Best List of Top Prize Ideas for Rewarding Your Customers – From the Unique to the Thrilling

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty should be one of your priorities as a brand and business, and it’s an excellent way to retain their engagement and continued loyalty. But even if you may want to give them the biggest prize ever, it’s just not possible. The good news is, most people will already appreciate even a small prize or reward, and it doesn’t have to be in concrete form, either. The rewards you present to your customers will depend on the kind of audience you have and your budget, and there are some brilliant rewards and prizes you can give to your customers that are even more unique than they can expect. So what are those? Here’s your best list of top prize ideas for rewarding your customers – from the unique to the thrilling and more.

Personal calls

As mentioned, a prize or reward doesn’t have to be a material item – it can also be a unique experience, such as a personal video call, a visit, and so on, as an expert customer experience consultant can attest. In fact, personal rewards like these can even give more fulfillment to a customer. For instance, many individuals love winning access to a special event or talking to a celebrity because it gives them that VIP feeling. A personalized video, for instance, can be a powerful customer engagement strategy. You can arrange for a customer to get a video call from one person on your staff or a celebrity. You can also organize a live stream event on YouTube or Facebook so you can connect and interact with your brand’s fans – in real-time! You can host a town hall or stream a particular concert, or even play a game with your customers that they can enjoy.


If you want to give your customers something a bit more accessible, you can also connect with them by providing them with free backgrounds or wallpapers for their phones, laptops, and tablets. Everyone is connected these days, and almost everyone will have a phone (or two) or another gadget. You can give exclusive backgrounds or wallpapers as rewards or prizes, such as for those who like your page. Here’s one tip: when you’re giving away digital rewards or prizes, always make sure to keep the types of gadgets or devices in mind, and don’t forget the specs of different devices as well.

Showcase your fans

Thanking your customers for their continued patronage of your products or services can make a world of difference, and everyone appreciates a ‘thank you,’ no matter how seemingly small. If you want to thank your fans – those loyal, regular customers who never fail to promote your brand or buy your products – you can reward them with a special shout-out. You can, for example, offer to showcase some of their Instagram posts and photos whilst they are holding or using your product. These customer spotlights provide a great way to thank your customers, and you can honor a customer every week or every month. The more customers you can recognize, the better for your brand – and you know very well that they are likely to share the commendation with their own family and friends on social media, and word-of-mouth goes a long way indeed.