Zevi & Nass to Shlomo Yehuda: An Arduous Journey

We at EPubZone have recently learned from a multitude of credible sources of a pursuit of the great Shlomo Yehuda that has gone on for many weeks and months. But this isn’t just any pursuit. It has involved several actors of great importance; different strategic maneuvers that have thus far failed; and several pieces of press that don’t seem to have captured his attention. The actors of great importance = Zevi and Rebbetzin Devora. The actor of marginal importance = Nass, the poshiter yid.

An unconfirmed source shares that during a car ride a few hours ago with Nass behind the wheel, a song from the recent Shir album popped on. It was “Achake Lo” by Avremel Fried. The song was the subject of conversation during a meeting over Chol Hamoed Pesach between Nass and Shlomo Yehuda. It’s a song with a unique style that Shlomo Yehuda shared was something he viewed as a unique contribution to the Chabadniks.

Indeed “Achake Lo” is not the only song of Shlomo Yehuda’s that has gotten the attention of the klal in recent months. As Nass was recently going through the text of the Shir album booklet, he came across the background story of Shaka Chama that inspired Shlomo Yehuda to include it in one of his recent albums.

In light of Nass’ failure to capture Shlomo Yehuda’s attention in recent weeks and months, he has now turned to Zevi – who he has crowned his senior counselor. Needless to say, Zevi didn’t have “Bechira Chofshis” in this decision. It’s a title he’s bestowed upon him that some may very well characterize as a form of indentured servitude.

We intend on keeping our readers posted as this story continues developing…

Of important note – we are also told that during that same Chol Hamoed trip to LA, SY refused to duet with Nass under the pretense that the movers had broken the piano in his living room. While we have yet to confirm the veracity of that statement, we intend on keeping our readers posted as to whether that duet which SY promised Nass, will materialize in the near future.

Stay tuned…