A self-appointed “Save the IDPF, Save EPUB” committee has recently formed to publicly attack the IDPF/W3C combination plan and announce a campaign of its own with the goal “to keep the IDPF going as a standalone trade organization.” This group sees the combination as a “threat to the long-term health of the ebook industry.”

The first EPUB Summit, held in Bordeaux in April 2016, was a huge success and participants from many countries much appreciated the diversity of the event. Discussions included the future of the ebook industry, the advanced technologies in use, the accessibility issues people still encounter and many more.

IDPF will hold an open meeting and webinar on January 18, 2017 from 12:30pm-2:00pm US Eastern Time to update IDPF members and the publishing community about the planned combination of IDPF with W3C. This will be an open forum for discussion, and the latest updates regarding the combination plans will be shared by IDPF President George Kerscher, other IDPF Board members, IDPF Executive Director Bill McCoy, and Karen Myers, W3C Business Development and Co

As one element of finalizing the planned combination of IDPF with W3C, IDPF anticipates submitting EPUB 3.1 to W3C as a W3C Member Submission. IDPF and W3C would like all organizations that contributed to the development of EPUB specifications to co-sign IDPF's member submission.