How to Throw a Solar Eclipse Party Your Employees Will Love

If you’re a business owner or manager, you should know that company parties can enhance team culture, boost morale, and ultimately improve productivity, and you don’t even have to wait until the holidays to throw one. Solar eclipses are natural events that everyone will enjoy watching as they don’t frequently occur. To help you get started, here are six tips for throwing an event your employees are sure to remember.

1. Take It Outside

For the best visibility, throw your solar eclipse party outdoors. An indoor party would require guests to crowd around the windows to view the eclipse, which means some people will have a better view than others. However, you should avoid defaulting to the office parking lot as the location of your party. Instead, consider a picnic-style event at your local public park, complete with blankets, lawn games, and brown bag lunches.

2. Get Themed Decorations

Decorating a solar eclipse party can be deceptively easy. Paper plates, cups, and napkins featuring a motif of suns and moons or outer space images perfectly fit into the eclipse theme. They can also be easily sourced from party supply stores. Alternatively, try a color scheme featuring vibrant yellows, oranges, and other sunny shades.

3. …And Themed Snacks

Because a solar eclipse happens in the daytime, you don’t have to get too formal with the buffet spread. Curate a menu of casual, picnic-friendly finger foods and snacks, but don’t forget to stick to the theme! Some possibilities include Milky Way candy bars, Sun Chips, Moon Pies, or black and white cookies.

4. Provide Viewing Glasses

Parties are meant to have fun, but you still need to consider the safety of your employees. Looking directly at the sun carries the risk of damaging your retina, which can permanently impair your vision. To ensure your party guests can enjoy their viewing experience without risking the health of their eyes, provide solar eclipse viewing glasses. These inexpensive, disposable glasses have paper frames with special polymer lenses that block out the intense glare and UV rays of the sun. As an added benefit, your employees can keep the glasses as a souvenir and use them during future eclipses.

5. Build a Solar Eclipse Playlist

Music is an absolute must when it comes to creating the perfect party atmosphere. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of popular songs about suns, moons, and eclipses to choose from. Some instantly recognizable titles include “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Blister in the Sun,” and “Ring of Fire.” For a bit of extra engagement for your guests, make the playlist accessible on a tablet so other people can choose additional songs for the queue.

6. Plan Activities

Your solar eclipse viewing party can fall flat if “viewing” is the only available activity. To keep the energy going, plan some fun activities like solar eclipse trivia, a scavenger hunt, or an egg toss. By adding a splash of competition, you will provide additional opportunities for your employees to socialize and build strong co-worker bonds.