3 trends in web design and development to stay in 2022

Trends change rapidly in IT, so it’s worth updating your insights to not stay behind! Which tendencies in web design and custom web development are predicted to grow stronger in 2022?

The digital landscape has changed radically last year with the explosion of the pandemic. Consumer habits have evolved due to the unprecedented situation, fueling the development of the e-commerce sector.

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At the same time, many companies have changed their operating model to hybrid or entirely remote, which has increased the demand for automation, project management, and quality management digital tools. And, last but not the least, cryptocurrencies have entered the mainstream, which has also created the demand for particular web development services and skills.

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Which trends will stay in the game for 2022? Our predictions are not guesswork but a result of the thorough analysis of the industry’s landscape. For instance, if you own a jewelry business and want to improve your web design, then you may consider getting help from professional jewelry web design services who are the experts in the industry.

#1 PWAs instead of native apps

With giants like Uber switching to this web development model, PWAs have gained popularity worldwide as an alternative to native apps. They’re written to work inside the web browser, not on a particular device. The users are becoming tired of the apps that require installation, often having some security concerns as well. The PWAs solve this issue and many others on the way. And they do not require hiring a whole web development team knowing React, Angular, Kotlin, and so on. All you need is web developers familiar with the basics – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Go here for a tutorial on how to open JSON file. Due to their responsive design, PWAs provide the user with as good UX as the native apps.

If you decide to hire a good react team of developers for PWA it’s definitely the right choice. Among thousands of developers, React library is one of the favorite ways to build PWAs.

#2 Blockchain development and smart contracts

First applied for the purposes of Bitcoin in 2009, Blockchain has soon become a technology that finds its application far beyond the cryptocurrencies. More and more companies from different sectors, including banking and healthcare, are using it as an alternative to a centralized database in their web solutions. It allows storing data securely and transparently and exchanging it without any intermediaries, which reduces the risk of cyberattack.

#3 AI adoption

AI is no longer a scary technology that fueled the imagination of science-fiction writers but a functional tool to automatize internal and external processes. It may serve for quality management, risk calculation, business, and trends forecasting, improving cost-effectiveness or energy-effectiveness – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also apply it to your content management system for search engine optimization and adopt it in the other areas of the digital marketing strategy. AI is really helpful with fulfilling digital marketing goals.

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