30 Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Keep You Feeling Connected

Long-distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. They require endless patience, a solid foundation of trust, and unshakable commitment. Of course, they are 100% doable with the right person, and there are so many ways to stay connected despite the distance.

If you’re looking for some fun, unique ways to show your love for your partner, here are 30 long-distance relationship gift ideas to try: 

1. Curate a playlist

A modernized version of the 80’s mixtape!

2. Start a book club

Take turns choosing the books and schedule book club dates to swap your favorite parts. 

3. Start a Netflix show together

Let your partner pick a new show for both of you to watch. “Date night” could be streaming it at the same time!

4. Photo album

Whether it’s traditional or electronic, a photo album is the perfect gift for a trip down memory lane when you’re missing each other.

5. Digital photo frame

It allows you to upload photos to the frame anytime, anywhere, so your partner will get them in real time.

6. Send a note via snail mail

Isn’t it fun receiving mail that isn’t a bill? Sending a love letter to your partner is a unique, thoughtful way to express your love. 

7. Framed photo

Choose your favorite photo of the two of you and splurge for a nice frame. Your partner can keep it on their nightstand, desk, or anywhere they want to stare at your smiling face!

8. Countdown calendar

Create a fun calendar for your partner to ramp up excitement for the big reunion day. Try to see the custom imprinted wall calendars, you might like to buy one..

9. Send voice memos

Who doesn’t love relistening to old voicemails? This is the same concept!

10. Touch bracelets

You both wear a bracelet, and it buzzes whenever one of you presses the button.

11. Touch lamps

Similar to the bracelet, your touch lamp lights up whenever your partner touches theirs.  

12. Doordash their favorite meal

If your partner is super busy or stressed out, you can take care of dinner for them. (They’ll definitely appreciate it!)

13. Send them a bottle of wine

And buy yourself one, too! You can schedule a Zoom “date night” and have a glass together. 

14. “Open this letter when”

Letters for when they’re missing you, feeling down, or stressed out. It’ll be the sweet pick-me-up they need. 

15. Plan a virtual date night

Cook a meal together, watch Netflix, or order pizza. (Whatever you would do if you were together!)

16. Surprise them with a visit

If you’re sure they’re free, plan a surprise trip to see them if you can!

17. Buy them tickets to visit you

A generous gift that shows how much you want to spend time with them. 

18. Airbnb gift card

A thoughtful gift for when you’re planning a reunion trip.

19. Plan a romantic trip

Pick a romantic destination and plan out the trip together.

20. Send them a round of drinks

Send money over Venmo to buy a round for them and their friends!

21. Send them coffee money

Because they’ll probably need coffee in the morning after that extra round of drinks. 

22. Buy matching jewelry

If you’re both into a little bling, of course. You can get matching Cuban link chains at https://www.vvsjewelry.com/collections/cuban-link-chains. You can also complement her jewelry set with matching diamond earrings, brooch, or necklace.

23. Get matching undies

Apparently, it’s all the rage nowadays. 

24. Husband pillow

Regardless of sexual identity or orientation, a husband pillow can be used to offer snuggles when your partner can’t. 

25. Send them a scavenger hunt

If you have the time to plan it, this is a fun, elaborate gift your partner can do with their friends. 

26. Stay active together

Fitbits and Apple Watches are a fun way to compare workouts and keep each other motivated.

27. Gift them a spa treatment

The perfect way to unwind after a long week. 

28. Continue to learn together

Look into choosing a Masterclass for the two of you to take together. 

29. Food subscription box

Blue Apron or Hello Fresh is a fun option for cooking together, and you can do it over your virtual date night!

30. A nice clock

Getting a nice Stamp Barrel Head Clock that they can see everyday at home will make for a great way for them to remember you all the time!