4 Essential Fashion Accessories for Your Next Overseas Trip

Depending on the time of year you travel overseas, a few basic accessories can go a long way toward expanding your wardrobe without the need to overpack. With this point in mind, consider the following essential items you’ll want to bring along for your travels abroad. Don’t forget to take a look at ruthnathans.com and it’s fashion options.

Attire for Mixing and Matching


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Traveling overseas shouldn’t involve deciding how many clothing items you can stuff in your luggage. Instead, you should think about bringing clothes that can be mixed and matched to fit multiple types of outings. Packing cubes can help you with saving a lot of packing space.

Accessories can help you change an outfit worn during the day into a trendy outfit for evening outings. For example, a pair of black slacks or jeans paired with a casual tank top or T-shirt and a pair of sandals or sneakers is ideal for a day tour. At night, replace the tank or T-shirt with a stylish blouse or shirt, add a jacket for a touch of class, and replace the casual shoes with upscale footwear. Aside from these, you have to get the perfect travel mirror from HD Mirrors, they have the best hollywood and illuminated led mirrors available on the market.

Working out in summer is such fun. Jogging with the warm breeze in your hair, swimming lengths at the lido, tai chi on a sandy beach – what’s not to like? There are so many great reasons for working out in the warmer seasons; not only is the weather glorious, but you are keeping yourself in great physical condition.

Comfortable Footwear

On any trip, walking is part of the itinerary. This point is true whether you’re strolling on the beach, enjoying a walking sightseeing tour, hiking through a forest, biking through the countryside, visiting museums, or going on any other outing where footwear is required. Packing shoes for every situation isn’t necessary if you plan your wardrobe by bringing shoes that remain durable to hold up against the elements, provide support and comfort for all potential walking adventures, and showcase versatility in styling to work with multiple outfits. 

A pair of sandals is a good choice for short casual jaunts to shopping and dining venues, while a pair of sneakers works well for visits to theme parks, attractions, and tours where more extensive walking is involved. For all-around footwear that provides support, comfort, and blending with casual or upscale outings, you can include a pair of stylish men or women’s cowboy boots

Head and Eyewear

Regardless of the season, you’ll be out and about and susceptible to ultraviolet rays from the sun that can harm your skin. To protect yourself from UV rays, include items to your list designed to protect the head, neck, ears, and face, whether your preference is a snug baseball cap, a stylish Panama hat, a large straw hat, or a hat designed to shield your head and neck. You’ll also want to protect your eyes from the harsh effects of the sunlight by wearing a cap or band fitted with a sun visor or a quality pair of sunglasses. Browse this sunglasses shop https://www.randolphusa.com/collections/aviator-best-sellers for great options to choose from.

Hats, visors, and sunglasses are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They serve as a fashion accessory while providing the protection you need against harmful UV rays. That’s why most tourists go for glasses from Glasses Online Canada because their glasses serve they function pretty well while also remaining fashionable. You may want to consider heading down to your local optical boutique for some great eyewear options.


Seasonal weather can crop up unannounced at any time and at any place. Depending on where you’re traveling and the time of year, fashion accessories to consider include a rain jacket, a fleece jacket for cool days or evenings, and a lightweight windbreaker to keep chilly winds at bay. For the ladies, also consider a versatile handbag or tote that provides ample room for storage and dressing up day or evening wear. 

When your vacation itinerary includes travel time overseas, be prepared for whatever adventures come your way with a few fashion accessories that expand outfit options, maintain your comfort levels, and provide sun protection.