4 Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Moms who Love Tea

If you have a mother figure in your life, chances are she’s taught you endless life lessons, been the base of your support system, and loves you unconditionally. Choosing a gift that shows how much you love and appreciate them can seem intimidating, but it can be as simple as taking note of things they enjoy and building around whatever that is. Here are some wax melt gift set ideas your mom will surely love. For many moms out there, tea is a great starting point. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve got several ideas that are sure to be a hit for all of the tea-drinking moms out there. These are amazing gift ideas for stay at home moms to save time and avoid going outside.

For the Mom who Wants to Build Memories

Some people don’t want material gifts. For the mom that wants you to spend time with her and enjoys new experiences, try taking her to a tea room. Spend the afternoon sipping on old favorites, or trying new brews, and eating delightful pastries and finger sandwiches. Be sure to make reservations in advance, as Mother’s Day is a busy holiday for these places. If don’t live near an official tea room, you can do a quick internet search to find cafes that may have tea options, or you could order teas from around the world and have an afternoon “tea tour” in the comfort of your home. For a diverse selection, consider exploring different tea varieties such as the marshmallow root tea from Teavision, which offers a unique and potentially soothing addition to your at-home tea experience.

For the Health Conscious Mom who Wants to Try New Things

There is a new plant making waves in the health world, and lucky for us, it can be used to make tea. Yaupon is a plant native to the Southeastern United States and it was used by Native Americans for traditional medicine, sacred ceremonies, friendship rituals. This plant can help treat or improve digestive issues, weight management, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease and cardiovascular disease. It’s also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. 

For the Mom who Already has a Tea Collection and Knows what She Likes

If your mom has boxes of her tea stacked in a cupboard, or drinks the same kind of tea every day/night, then these gift ideas are for you. This electric tea kettle is perfect for the mom who deserves an upgrade to her routine. It has settings to make sure her water is heated to the perfect temperature for her tea and comes in two different color options. If the mom you’re buying prefers her tea in sachets, another gift idea is a beautiful box to store her tea in. Etsy is filled with beautiful options, like this simple wooden one. You can also find ones that are customizable if you want to make your gift extra special.

For the Mom who Appreciates a more Sentimental Gift

This idea may just be a gift basket, but what makes it special is everything you’ll put into it. First you’ll want to find a company with a wide selection of teas, like Art of Tea. This is a great website to use because their loose leaf options are beautiful, and their blends have names like Happy and Soothe. Pick teas with benefits that your mom would appreciate or that you wish for her, and write a little note on each one that goes in the basket. You may also give your mother some high-quality british tea sets.

For example the Happy Tea could be “For all the happiness you’ve given me and all the happiness I wish for you.” You could also include other touches in the basket like a local honey (because your mom is “so sweet”) or a new mug with Print On Demand personalized designs to remind her of you every time she drinks out of it. The notes that you’ll write and the time, effort, and creativity you put into this basket will make it the perfect gift