5 Careers That Are Safe For The Future

In recent decades there have been fantastic advances in technology from robotic automation to AI, voice recognition and automated software all of which are making life easier in many ways but the other side of this is that the employment landscape has changed and will continue to change. So it is essential that we look at this and here we have put together a list of 5 careers that are likely to be around in the future.

IT & Programming

This one has a clear reason given the rise of the internet and tech and computing being a bigger part of so many things in our daily lives. Since there are computers in everything from white goods to cars these days not to mention so much software, games and apps for mobile devices, we are going to need to need people working as programmers. You might think that given how fast tech is changing that it would be a difficult field to keep up with but it’s surprising how much of the basics are the same, one of the most used programming languages C has been around in some form since 1973. In 2019, programming languages Go, Ruby, and Objective-C are the most in demand. If you’ve got an expert knowledge with these programming languages, a lot of high salary opportunities will surely be opened for you. 

Creative Jobs

Although there are huge tech advances and many manual and manufacturing jobs are lost to automation there is one area of work that cannot be replicated by robotics and that is creative jobs. Writing, music and art are things that only humans can do and although there are some claims that AI is going to be able to write or produce art it’s very questionable if they could ever emulate true human creativity, the way these jobs are carried out will change but they will always be there. Sign up to writezillas.com and start your writing career which always will be in demand.

Education & Teaching

No matter what the employment scene ends up looking like we will always need education and therefore we will always need teachers and college tutors. We can’t say for sure what exact subjects students will be studying in the future but there will always be young people addressing the question of what is a certificate of higher education and how to get one.

Counselling & Therapy

I think it’s a safe bet to assume that as long as human society exists people will have problems and issues and so there will always be the need for counsellors and therapists to help with these types of problems. So a qualification in counselling or psychiatry will always be a valuable asset to anyone who chooses to go down this road.

Freelancing & The ‘Gig Economy’

We have seen a huge rise in recent years of working patterns that in the past would have been a rarity, people working in various different roles, often simultaneously, often referred to as the gig economy or a portfolio career. These types of jobs can vary from delivery work to design or writing and it’s not uncommon at all to have a mix of any or all of these professions.

No matter what things will, for sure, be different in the future but if we plan ahead people will adapt as they always do.