5 Ways Mobile Technology Will Boost Phone Sales, Now and in the Future

15 or 20 years ago, cell phone manufacturers pondered what could be done to reinvigorate device sales. The majority of the population had purchased a cellphone and the units were of good quality so many buyers held on to them for years. But with the introduction of iPhones and the rise of the Internet and mobile data networks, we’ve seen a groundswell in new phone sales, with nearly 70% of the world’s population projected to own a mobile device by 2020. Here are five innovations that are driving a new wave in cellphone adoption.

Making Payments

We have seen that even now there are a lot of new and novel ways to pay for goods and services through mobile devices. Providers such as Android Pay and Apple Pay allow you to pay in most places without even needing to carry a bank card or cash. These new payments are being more and more trusted as they are fairly secure these days and unlike a bank card, if a phone is lost or mislaid the user can simply install on a new device.

No Handsets!

Hands Free! No, we’re not talking about Bluetooth headsets or wireless earbuds here but more phone handsets whatsoever! We have already seen a rise in space-saving devices such as the smart watch but there are reports of technologies being developed where no device at all will be needed such as a phone device implanted in the body. This may be the stuff of Sci-Fi as this is written, but with app development companies making items such as cloud storage the trend is to move away from the physical, watch this space!

Changes In Gaming

As we are seeing eGaming change; games on the cloud eliminating the need for physical storage and rumours of hardware-free gaming platforms on the horizon, it’s no surprise that mobile platforms are due to play a bigger role in the gaming world. One great example, MEGAFANS, an eSports engine and game development platform, is seeking to disrupt the industry by bringing more attention and excitement to mobile eSports. Through eSports tournaments and by targeting more female and non-Western players they seek to make mobile gaming accessible to everyone.

Virtual Reality, 3D & Other Enhanced Video

We have seen a big increase in Virtual Reality experiences via portable headsets and other cool features such as 3D on some newer handsets. You can see how the quality of recording hardware on handsets has increased in recent years to the extent that you pretty much can’t buy a home camcorder anymore as every phone is better. Take this theory to VR and 3D and it is not a huge leap to see where the industry is going with this.

Mind Reading

Now this one is really cool and we’re going proper futuristic here, a device that can be activated via thought recognition! The technology is actually here though and given, it’s in its infancy, I can’t think of a development that’s fascinated me more than this in recent times. Mattel, the toy manufacturer, have actually created a pong-style game that you control via thoughts! Fascinating, frightening, yes it’s all of the above but certainly one story I will be following with interest.