5 Effective & Simple Ways To Arrange carpet Tiles Like A Pro

Carpet tiles are been used for years in commercial buildings, particularly offices. But, in recent years they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homes. It’s easy to see why carpet tiles can be laid in a wide variety of patterns and colors, they can also be removed individually to eliminate spills and stains without having to redo the entire floor. For eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for children and pets, give Dan Dan The Carpet Man a call.

Alongside this, modern carpet tiles are made to replicate the depth of piles in a traditional carpet. That makes them as soft and warm to walk on as a carpet, but a more practical choice. When it’s time for some carpet cleaning, you may want to leave this task to carpet cleaning professionals for better results.

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In fact, when you discover the following five ways to arrange carpet tiles like a pro you’ll be ready to redecorate every room in your home!

But, before you start, remember that to lay carpet tiles properly you should find the exact center of your room. This ensures the tiles are laid symmetrically and any partial tiles are at the edges of the room. In short, it helps to create balance in your room.


The checkerboard look is one of the most popular options because it is simple to lay and looks great. All you have to do is choose two colors and then lay the tiles in alternating colors. At no point should two tiles of the same color sit next to each other. This doesn’t make it any more difficult for a residential carpet cleaning service to help you, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The result is a checkerboard or chessboard image in the colors of your choice.  It’s the perfect choice for many rooms, including your children’s bedroom.


Stripes are simple to create and can be with two, three, or more customers. You’ll need to lay a whole strip of one color and then a strip of another color next to it. Add in as many more colors as you wish and then repeat the pattern.

Don’t forget that stripes can make a space feel longer. That means considering carefully which direction to lay the stripes in.

Mix It Up

There are no rules when it comes to mixing it up. You simply pick a variety of colors that match the scheme in your room and then lay the tiles down.

Most people opt for a sequence as this tells everyone the floor was planned this way. But, you can go completely random if you wish.

Color Squares

Color squares are a nice way to make the floor more of a feature and even highlight certain areas of a room. You will need to choose your main color and the color for the squares, this can be one or more colors. Then, place four tiles next to each other to create a square and surround them with times of the base color. You can make as many or as few squares as you wish to get the desired effect.


Another great idea is to create runners. You simply lay the majority of the floor with one type of tile and add a strip, ideally two tiles wide, in a designated area. It can be to edge the room or as a pathway through the space. The choice is yours.