The Best Solutions For Slippery Floor In The Workplace

A slippery floor means that people are likely to fall over and that generally equates to a high risk of injury. A work-related injury can cost a company a significant amount of money. It is estimated that workplace injuries cost as much as $1.8 billion in compensation claims per year.

If your insurance doesn’t cover this it can cripple your company.

In short, you need to take slippery floors seriously. Putting up a sign is a short-term solution but you need a more permanent solution.

Replace the Floor

The best possible solution is to replace the floor. However, it can be very expensive to completely remove a floor and lay a new one. That’s why the best option is epoxy floor coatings. These are made of hardener and resin, Industrial Epoxy can go on top of concrete or many other surfaces with just a little prep.

More importantly, you can use a Concrete Flooring Finish Bonding Agent to have a natural no-slip finish and to make your concrete flooring extremely durable.

An epoxy floor coating is the ideal solution and will practically eliminate the risk of falling over.

Keep It Dry

No matter how good the flooring it will be more slippery when wet. When it’s wet outside most floors will get wet and become slippery. To avoid this issue and prevent accidents you need high-quality mats at your entry points. These ensure the majority of the moisture is removed from people’s shoes.

Alongside this, you need to regularly dry mop the floor to remove any moisture and reduce the likelihood of slips. It should be noted that dry mopping also removes dust which, when allowed to accumulate, can make floors slippery!

Don’t forget that very wet floors can be mopped and then sprinkled with a dry powder to eliminate the moisture. It can make the difference between a slip or not.

The Right Cleaning Products

It is also important to utilize the right cleaning products. You want something that will help the floor to shine and protect it from dust and debris. But, at the same time, it must promote the adherence that is essential to people walking on it.

Of course, you also need to consider when is best to clean the floor. The ideal solution is to do it when no one is around but this is not always possible. In this instance, you can do it in sections to retain the pathway through.


While adopting a solution to a slippery floor is essential, it is also important to train your staff. If they are the only ones walking on the floor then they simply need to be trained to be cautious. If the public may walk on the floor then your staff need to be vigilant and make sure wet patches are spotted, signed, and the public protected.

A little training can go a long way.

Adherent Tops

If you need a short-term solution then you can add an adherent top. This may mean adding a layer of powder or grit but it will absorb moisture and make the floor gripper while you figure out a long-term solution.