5 Exercises You Can (Secretly) Do At Work

Staying healthy means exercising regularly, use the best legal steroids, and trying to eat the right things. It’s not always easy to stick to a diet or find the time to exercise, even when you know the benefits of being healthy.

Research shows regular exercise reduces the likelihood of many age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular issues, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

Fortunately, there are increasingly inventive ways in which you can fit in exercise, whether that means walking to work, taking the stairs, or trying these 5 secret exercises at work.

The key is to be prepared to try. It’s important for everyone but especially important if you’ve suffered an injury and are looking for a sports physio Alexandria.

  1. Leg Lifts

If you work at a desk then this is a great way to work your leg muscles and even add a little extra definition to your buttocks.

Simply sit up straight in your chair and extend one leg out in front of you. Once it’s in line with your hips hold it for a count of 5 before lowering it back down and repeating. 

You should be aiming to do at least 10 with each leg. You can then upgrade and do both legs at the same time!

  1. Clench Your Bum

Improving the definition of your bum is something that most men and women want. Again, you can be sat at your desk while doing this. 

Simply sit up straight and clench your bum. Hold the clench for approximately 5 seconds and then release it.

You’ll want to repeat this at least 10 times and you can do it as often as you like throughout the day. If done properly no one will notice what you’re doing and you’ll also feel it pulling in your stomach, that’s good for your core.

  1. Handshake

If you want to boost the size of biceps then give yourself a handshake!  Take your right hand and offer it to your left. But, before you join hands turn the left-hand upside down, one thumb should be pointing to the floor, the other to the ceiling.

Lock your hands together in this position and then grip them tightly. At the same time pull away, as though you’re trying to break the grip. Hold the pose for 1 minute and then take a breather before repeating. 

It is a little awkward to do when typing!

  1. Squats

Squats are great for your legs, bum, and even your core. You’ll look funny if you suddenly start doing squats next to your desk. However, no one will think anything of it if you simply stand up slowly. In the process move through the squat position and focus on tensing your buttocks while bringing your stomach in, if you also want to improve your fitness performance the use of best legal steroids could be helpful to boost your muscles.

As you sit down do the same thing, slowly lowering yourself into the chair. 

It really works.

  1. Thighs

The thigh squeeze is a great way of building muscle in your thighs. Take a ream of paper or something similar and put it between your thighs. Now squeeze your thighs together so that the paper can’t fall to the floor.

Hold the position for as long as you can before releasing it. You’ll feel it on your inner thighs.

In fact, if you do all 5 of these secret exercises every day you’ll quickly see an improvement in muscle tone and you’ll have aching legs!