Modern Design Ideas for the Pantry

When it comes to designing any space in your home you have two choices. You can head to your local store and pick up some flat-packed furniture, put this together, and transform the space. Or, you can speak to a bespoke company that will give you a fantastic finish, whether you want beautiful new alfresco kitchens or a bathroom makeover.

There is definitely something to be said for a bespoke design, it’s unique and reflects your personality. That’s also perfect in your own doors at home. If you’re looking for a variety of different door models and finishes throughout, including bespoke designs manufactured specifically to the client’s requirements, you may visit some reliable sites like for help!

If you’re looking to redesign your pantry then you need to speak to the experts. Getting the pantry right will allow you to open up your kitchen space and make it an inviting, stimulating space which can also benefit from bamboo paper towels.

Open Shelving

The first element of your modern pantry should be open shelving. Not only will you find it easier to see what you need, but you’ll also be surprised at how rustic it can make the room. It’s the perfect option for a farmhouse style kitchen

Add a few copper pots and a brick effect wall and you’re done!

The trick with open shelving units is to keep things tidy on them, even if there is no order in their layout.

Creating The Closet

The pantry is often a cupboard linked to the kitchen, they stay cool allowing you to keep the food safe. This was especially useful in times before refrigerators. 

But, if you don’t have a separate cupboard space then you don’t need t panic! You can simply have one built by the professionals.

In effect, the pantry closet is a massive cupboard, usually in the style of a dresser until. It should have ornate wood to blend with the design of your kitchen. When you opened the doors you’ll find shelves, boxes, and cubbyholes that ensure everything has its own space.

The great thing is that it’s built to what you want to store and the size of your kitchen, ensuring its present but not overpowering.


Another option is to convert a small room next to your kitchen or even build your own pantry. It’s a good idea to take your inspiration from a walk-in closet. That means shelving on each side, with or without cupboard doors, and a walkway through the middle.

You can even convert the rear passageway into a suitable pantry, providing you utilize cupboards. 

Design Features

But, the best part of any pantry is the way it’s designed for you. It’s the small touches that make all the difference. For instance, if you love having a glass of wine then incorporate a space where your wine can be stored and available for an instant pour. Alternatively, fit an electric bottle opener to the wall to facilitate having a glass.

Other features, such as sliding racks for storing spices, pull out trays for sauces, and even containers for cereals will allow you to make the most of every bit of space while keeping the food away from pests and the kitchen space looking picture perfect.

Take a little time to consider the design and practicality of your pantry, it will ensure it suits your needs perfectly.