5 Of The Coolest Construction Technologies Of 2019

Several industries have experienced the potentials of various technologies developed during the last few years like IoT software, AI, cloud computing, blockchain, and AR, etc. The construction industry is going to change forever due to the introduction of digital technologies in it.  If you want to learn about some of the top IT technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning course then learn all these latest technologies from Intellipaat.

The loss of several lives and the property of millions of dollars due to the failures and deficiencies in the commercial construction of buildings can be avoided by using the latest technologies. For instance, two buildings fell in French city Marseilles in November 2018 due to heavy rains. 

Rains have made it very difficult to carry on search operations. Though many people were buried under the debris, authorities could not recover the bodies of more than six people. Such drastic situations can be avoided by using the latest digital technologies in the construction of buildings. 

According to a commercial construction consulting company, significant operations for the construction of a building can be automated, and a collaborative and data-based approach can be created if the construction industry uses modern technologies. 

You can increase the use of safer methods as well as the productivity of the project by expanding the use of advanced technologies. Advancements in technologies, for example self contained breathing products, can increase project productivity as they provide safer methods of completing otherwise dangerous tasks. Those who have earlier adopted the latest technologies, regardless of their industry, always gained more than their competitors similar is the condition with the organizations involved in the construction industry.

There are also plastic bar support products like these rebar chairs for steel reinforcement which are in the state-of-the-art high-strength, high-performance products designed to meet the demanding environment created by reinforcing steel used in concrete construction.

Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry 

Applications based on Artificial Intelligence have proved to be beneficial for various sectors during the last few years. Similarly, the construction industry can also be revolutionized by using these technologies. Multiple applications of Artificial Intelligence can reshape the entire construction industry. 

AI can be beneficial in surveying and planning while modeling a building. The systems controlled by AI can organize a large amount of data to create blueprints, construction plans, and 3D maps without any manual administration. 

Similarly, AI-based systems can also help in analyzing critical data of a construction site to find out the trends of the industry and ensure the particular use of efficient practices in the project. 

Moreover, the centralized data system of AI can also help in simplifying various official tasks like keeping the record of sudden departures, sick days, as well as vacancies of the workers. These systems can also help in tracking the progress as well as suggesting the strategies and updates compensate for the leaves and absence of the workers. 

Likewise, Virtual Assistant, one of the major applications of AI, can help the on-site workers as well as engineers to work on different procedures of construction as well as knowing the deficiencies in their systems. Likewise, AI tools can be used to map the trails to be used to record the temperature map of that area and followed by the compactors. 

This tool can also help in customizing the mixture of asphalt and accurately predict the density of mixture required. Some of the firms working on AI in California have developed drones and robots with sensors and cameras to monitor the construction site in real-time to avoid the scope of error in human supervision. 

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IoT in the construction industry 

Like AI, IoT has the potentials to change the construction industry permanently. So, construction organizations should not take it lightly. IoT can be used in various types of construction operations like starters can use it for restocking supplies for the procedures of prefabrication. 

The supply materials can be tagged with RFID tags so that their running-out stock can be notified by the central system, and the stock can be monitored remotely. Similarly, several machines and devices with IoT sensors like safety cones etc. can help the workers working on hazardous sites to handle the operations remotely. 

Similarly, certain wearable accessories like Google Glass can help the workers and engineers to see the construction manuals remotely without handling them manually. You can also expect the production of construction vehicles in the near future, which may display critical instructions and data on their windshield. 

Moreover, some of the IoT sensors can also be used to save the time wasted in searching for the construction equipment and machines at the site as they will hell in tracking their location easily. Similarly, IoT sensors can also help in predicting the maintenance required by a machine or equipment so that it can be repaired before the occurrence of the actual problem. 

Thus, advanced technologies like AI and IoT are going to change the construction industry forever. Whichever of these is being used in your construction site, or perhaps none at all, make sure to still prioritize the safety of your workers. There are work zone equipment that must be available at the site to promote your workers’ safety at all times.