5 Safety Procedures to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Did you know that over 5000 people lost their lives because of accidents in the workplace in 2018? Today business owners and managers carry more responsibility than ever to ensure that their workplaces are safe places.

In addition to deaths and injuries, there are thousands of litigation cases each year following accidents that were clearly preventable.

If you are a business owner, what safety procedures should you institute? What steps can you take to avoid accidents, injuries, and litigation? Why not read our article to find out.

1. Overstretched Workers

One of the most common causes of workplace accidents is overexertion. The temptation to overstretch is often strongest at the end of the day. Reaching too far to finish that last job, or to save getting that needed tool has often been the literal downfall of many.

The solution is education and provision of safety equipment. Ensure that workers know that there are simpler solutions than reaching out dangerously to complete a task quickly.

2. Tidy up at the End of the Day

Keeping your work area clean and tidy is one of the best ways to prevent accidents. Slips and trips are often caused by tools or chemicals left on the floor for longer than needed.

If your workplace has a slippery floor, install non-slip matting, or provide suitable footwear to prevent slipping.

3. Repetitive and Other Strain Injuries

Strain injuries happen in almost every industry where repetitive work is performed.

Avoid this by carefully planning your workplace area. Place tools that workers use regularly close to them. Remove clutter or anything that will cause workers to carry bad posture for any length of time.

4. Safety When Working at Height

When we examine cases of serious injury in the workplace, we see that people slipped and fell at work when this was clearly avoidable.

If you use scaffolding ladders, or other equipment like scaffold towers to work at height in your workplace, it is very important to maintain them and repair faults immediately.

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5. PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is one of the simplest and most important ways to prevent injuries to workers. Safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and gloves are effective in preventing injuries to very sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes. The proper footwear can also help workers prevent injuries. With this link, you can find out more about the insoles you can put in your footwear to improve its comfort.

PPE is cheaper yet more effective than ever before. In many workplaces, it is mandatory for each worker to show that they are wearing the correct PPE before they begin work each day. Get in touch with Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool for all your scaffolding needs either domestically or commercially.

Workplace Safety Procedures and Much More

Installing safety procedures and equipment in your workplace may seem like a mountain of tasks. However, when you take into account the price of not protecting the health of your workers, you realize how valuable it is. By analyzing the specific job functions that are performed by employees, an ergonomic evaluation provides innovative, effective solutions for at-risk behaviors, which can lessen workplace injuries.

If safe business and workplace practices are important to you, then we are here to help! We bring you the latest information about business developments on our website. Take just two minutes and see how you can benefit from the latest research.