7 Awesome Skull Computer Wallpapers That You’re Sure to Love

Back in the 18th century, the Graveyard Poets wrote poems about mortality. Using gloomy imagery, these poets would depict pictures of ghosts, cemeteries, and, of course, skulls to set the scene.

Today, the internet has made it possible for you to have access to some of the best skull art around. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to begin swapping out your boring computer screen for an eerie nightmarish wonder.Read on to discover 7 skull computer wallpapers that you have to check out for your Summit1g complete setup.

Skull Computer Wallpapers

Learning how to set wallpapers on your computer is just as important as learning how to facetime.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right skull computer wallpapers:

  • Pick the right resolution for your screen size
  • Move icons that obstruct the view
  • Consider setting wallpapers to shuffle

If you’re using a Mac, you can change your wallpapers by clicking on the Desktop tab.

For Windows 10 users, you’ll want to click on the Windows icon. Next, you’ll need to follow the prompts, selecting the wallpaper you want to display Then also look into buying a custom PC as that way you get exactly what you need which is always better than chancing it with a standard PC.

1. Skull Playing Cards

Who knew the Grim Reaper liked to play cards? Well, now you can have a screensaver that shows it’s true! Instead of getting a screen saver with the Grim Reaper holding a scythe, get one that shows him playing cards.

Featuring a side profile of the Grim Reaper peering out from his hood, this wallpaper shows the Grim Reaper holding a hand of cards.

He’s not holding any old hand of cards, though. The wallpaper artwork shows the intimidating skull holding what very well could be a winning hand. A pair of 8’s and a pair of Ace’s rest between his boney fingers.

Even the cards themselves are spooky, sporting a skull-faced Ace card.

2. Skull Cave

Are you looking for skull computer wallpapers made by independent artists? Then you have to check out the skull cave from Deviant Art. Looking at the image of a skull cave, your imagination can transport you to another world.

The top of the cave is all dragon bones, and the cave sits over a large body of water. A man in a canoe is approaching the cave and can see giant crystal balls that contain ghastly skulls.

The mouth of each skull is slightly open, almost as if they’re trying to tell you something. What treasures and dangers do you think will await you at Skull cave?

3. Underwater Skull

Who said skull art had to showcase human skulls? The underwater skull’s top 2 fangs are long, and the bottom row of teeth are all pointed.

You’ll also notice that the eye sockets are much larger than a traditional skull. Nevertheless, while the vampire skull image is spooky, it also has a peaceful feel to it.

The skull is resting underwater and is partially buried by sand. You’ll enjoy looking at the way the light hitting the water reflects the sandy grave.

Since this skull is fully underwater, the entire image has a slight blue tint to it.

4. Real Human Skull

Are you looking for a skull wallpaper that’s less artsy and more scientific? A human skull wallpaper featuring real photos of a human skull should do the trick!

Instead of bombarding your screen with color, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean-cut look. The human skull wallpaper features 4 professional photographs of a human skull.

The main photo shows a forward-facing human skull. Alongside the main photo, there are three smaller photos, each providing a new angle to admire the skull from.

While this wallpaper may not be jaw-dropping, one of the photos shows the bottom jaw entirely removed.

5. Psychedelic Skull

Skulls don’t always have to be dark and eerie. They can also be mind-blowing. The psychedelic skull wallpaper features a colorful skull that appears to be exploding and unraveling at the same time.

Peering closer, you’ll notice finer details within the skull, revealing a layered life falling apart. The skull’s eye sockets are a deep blue color, and without them, it’d be hard to know what you’re looking at.

Let your eyes adjust and stare at the skull for a minute or 2. At first glance, you’ll see different shapes and sizes of colorful things. However, after a bit, your imagination will start to change what those things appear to represent.

6. Abstract Skull Pattern

The abstract skull patterned wallpaper is perfect if you want to keep things light. Instead of featuring 1 skull, this wallpaper uses a black surface to highlight a variety of cartoon skulls. The cartoon skulls are a mixture of white and black, and small and large.

The skulls on this wallpaper aren’t your traditional spooky skulls. Instead, they’re kind of cute. It’s like there’s a bunch of skull sprinkles that are scattering across your screen.

7. Skull Cloud and Pirate Ships

Aye Matey! Be ye looking for a skull image that captures the pirate spirit? Then you need to check out the skull cloud and pirate ships wallpaper option.

A large half skull made from clouds sits above a wild ocean scene. This image features 5 pirate ships on top of choppy ocean waters. Behind the ships, there’s a haunting glow of the orange fire.

The fire is consuming fallen ships, and you can see at least 6 ships in the distance that are being consumed by fire and water. Looking closely, you’ll see a few seagulls flying above the wreckage as they try to flee the heat of the flames.

Stay Spooky

Now you know about some of the best skull computer wallpapers available. What spooky scene will you be using for your screen?

Are you going to get trippy and try out the psychedelic skull? Or are you looking for a more immersive experience by choosing a skull from a fantasy world?

Whatever skull image you choose, we’re sure you’ll love your wallpaper! For more articles like this, explore the rest of the site.