How to Build a Lead Generation Website for Your Business

Your business needs a website, and that website needs to generate leads for you. Not just any website can do this though. You need a site specially designed to bring those visitors in and generate those leads for you. How do you create a lead generation website that works? Here are some tips that the experts swear by for bringing the customers in. 

Focus On the Look of Your Website

There are a lot of things you need to think about, but the look of your site is important. If a visitor lands on your site and it doesn’t look well designed or presented, they’re less likely to stick around. A well-designed website is one that shows you’re professional and ready to work with them. Ensure you have a design that’s clean, with white space to ensure that each page isn’t overloaded with information. Make links easy to find too, so they can easily navigate your site and find what they’re looking for quickly. 

Optimize Your Offers

When you create pages for your site, keep the time of year in mind. For example, if you run a lawn care business, you’ll have pages set up with the keywords ‘lawn care tips’. This should land anyone searching for it on a blog called ’10 Ways to Improve Your Lawn’. You’ll have offers on that page, so make sure they’re relevant. 

If someone landed on that page and saw an ad for snow clearing services with you, then it isn’t going to be relevant to what they’re looking for. Keep your offers in season, and relevant to what the customer wants. 

Create a CTA on the Homepage

A CTA, or Call to Action, is what should spur someone into doing business with you. These certainly work well on your homepage. If you use this tip, remember that you don’t want to offer anything too complex at this stage, as the visitor is just starting out.

Here, your call to action should be something like an invitation to join your newsletter mailing list or a free trial. It’s an invitation to learn more about what you do, rather than selling at this point. 

Set Up Live Chat

As someone browses through your page, they may have questions about what you can offer. The best way to answer these questions is through a live chat feature. If you implement this, look to see what pages your visitors spend the most time on. Make the live chat available there, where visitors can have questions answered.

As you offer this service, you’ll be able to gather more information about your visitors. What do they need? Are they looking for info that currently isn’t on the website?

These are just a few tips on how to set up a lead generation site that gets results. If you’re interested in learning more about building a leader generation site, there are many online resources you can take a look at. You may even outsource lead generation services to help you reach more potential customers. But, it is more important to focus on your visitors’ needs. How can you design your site so you meet those needs? Do it well and you’ll see the leads roll in.