7 Things to Do When Remodeling Your Basement

Anyone who has a basement can tell you that the possibilities for turning it into something new are endless. Whether you think your basement would make a great playroom for the kids or want to turn it into a cozy getaway for yourself, you should do a few things when remodeling your basement. Read on below for a few of those things to be revealed. 

Have it inspected for pests

One of the first things you should do when remodeling your basement is have your residential pest control company come in and do an inspection. While you may not have any type of pests in the other parts of your home, it’s important to make sure you have invaded your basement as well. This includes everything from rodents hiding out to termites that can destroy the structure of your home and your basement as well. 

Make sure the basement is bone dry

It’s important to knock out any leaks or any type of water damage with some basement waterproofing solutions before you start your remodel, which means you should work to keep your basement dry before you ever decide on a remodel. An excellent recommendation to achieve a dry space is installing drainage systems in your basement. Remember, if you put up any type of sheetrock, flooring, or move in furniture, you are asking for trouble, you may need sheetrock repair and other related repairs if you have any type of water damage. Just a simple thunderstorm can ruin your gorgeous basement before you even have time to enjoy it. 

Fix any structural issues ahead of time 

Making sure to fix any structural issues in the walls or the foundation of your basement will save you a ton of money in the long run. Anything from settling soil to leaks and from house flexing to temperature changes can cause you problems when you start remodeling. So handle them first. You can hire an expert who knows well about foundation repair.

Hire the professionals

While you might be the king of do-it-yourself projects, when it comes to basement remodeling Des Moines, Iowa, contractors are probably your best course of action if you have never remodeled a basement before. Contractors like Distinctive Homes are experienced and will be able to tell you if you need a ton of work done like if you need MDF moulding before the remodel can begin. 

Create a budget

Whether you’re remodeling your basement DIY-style or you’re hiring the professionals to take care of the job for you, you need to sit down and work up a budget to go by. Remember, once you have paid for the remodel itself, you’re going to want to put furniture and decorations in your new room, so leave room in the budget for that as well. 

Code and permit requirements

In most areas, remodeling your basement isn’t going to be as easy as just jumping in there and getting it done. Most towns require that the homeowner have a permit before finishing or remodeling a basement. Because every area is different, you will need to check with your local offices before starting the project, so that you’re obeying the law when you begin. 

Plan your room

Once you’ve done everything above, it’s time to get down to the fun of planning the new room in your basement. Whether you’re planning a library or a family game room, you’ll want to talk to remodelers to determine the best option for making the basement the room you’ve always wanted. 

If you are up for game nights with your friends and family,  an escape room can be a great idea. You might even want to think about a 7′ billiard tables for sale if you want to buy one for the game room.

These are just a few of the things you need to do when you’re considering remodeling the basement of your home. From creating a budget that you can stick to, to making sure all repairs are taken care of ahead of time, these tips will have your basement ready for a remodel in no time at all.