Reasons To Rent – Why Short-Term Office Leases Are The New Norm

When it comes to workspaces and office space for rent, short term leases really are the new norm. With the dawn of digital age and the current era of endless information on any subject matter available in an instant, it is possible for everyone to be an entrepreneur, or at least try their hand at some kind of business venture or startup.  Where you choose to set up your office will have an impact on your business and your employees. Looking for a leasing workspace in San Francisco could be an excellent choice as the city offers numerous options that will benefit your business. And if you have professional advice, that perfect office will surely find you first. Property managers, on the other hand, may use Centralized Leasing services to optimize their rental services.

While every eager entrepreneur has faith and believes that theirs is the next million-dollar idea, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it is simply not worth the risk in taking out a long-term locked-in lease for office space. Add to that the fact that remote and flexible work for already established businesses and large corporations is becoming more and more the norm. Traditional long-term office leases are becoming a thing of the past as the option and availability of short-term office space is more widely offered and accepted.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why short-term office leases are starting to make much more sense to savvy entrepreneurs and business people.

Greater Flexibility

When you rent short-term office space from a premium provider, you have the option of only signing up for a contract on a month-to-month basis. You don’t have to commit to a year-long lease as you would for a traditional office space, meaning you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to your office space. This gives you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade your office space as your business ebbs and flows. The added peace of mind that comes from knowing you have this flexibility means you can spend less time stressing out about expensive locked-in office space leases and more time focusing on your business growth.

Instant Access

When you utilise the services of short-term office spaces for rent, you’ll gain access to a fully-fledged office space, complete with all the amenities needed to run your business instantly. That means you won’t have any downtime with your operations while looking for appropriate office space or waiting for the necessary infrastructure like phone and internet connections to be installed and set up.

Lower Costs

As mentioned previously, short-term month-to-month leases for office space work out to be much cheaper upfront than investing in real estate for office space or locking your business into an expensive long-term lease. Add to that the fact that these short-term office rental services usually come with all amenities included such as internet and electricity bills and premium service providers will also offer coffee, tea, and soft drinks and access to printing and copying facilities. All of this keeps your costs down to one concise monthly fee.

Access To A Team Of Support Staff

Premium providers of office space leased on a short-term basis generally provide access to a team of highly-trained support staff. With a dedicated receptionist to welcome your guests to your office space for meetings as well as answer the phone to customers, your business can grow exponentially. You will also gain access to an in-house IT support team so technical problems won’t hold you back from getting your work done.

Networking Opportunities

When you lease short-term office space, you are usually working in a coworking space or shared office environment. This means that there is ample opportunity to network with others sharing the space. This opportunity to socialise with like-minded professionals can do wonders for your business connections.

Short Term Office Leases Are Here To Stay

With all these advantages, short-term leases for office spaces are not just a passing fad. With the rise in coworking spaces, virtual office services and executive suites for rent on an as-needed basis, this is the future of workspaces. By signing up for a Virtual Office, you create a physical office without committing a lease obligation. So if you are in Birmingham for example, you just use the best virtual office Birmingham has and then you can use that address instead of your own.