8 Unique Special Event Ideas Sure to Have Your Guests Talking

What do Facebook and Google have in common?

They both throw know how to throw legendary parties. We’re talking about events that use unique special event ideas and leave lasting impressions on guests.

Facebook’s most popular employee party was their Roaring 20s event in 2014. They set up giant party tents in the heart of San Francisco and filled them with plated palm trees, trapeze artists, flappers, and famous DJs, allowing employees to dance the night away.

Google’s famous for throwing movie-themed parties. In the Bay Area, they had a James Bond-themed celebration, where guests enjoyed getting the chance to ride in a white, vintage Astin Martin.

Are you throwing an event, and want to make sure it’s one guest will remember for a lifetime? Read on to learn how to impress your guests with the best event activities.

1. Themed Unique Special Event Ideas

If you want to have a memorable get-together, you’ll need to make sure the unique special event ideas you pick match your theme. If your event doesn’t currently have a theme, now would be a could time to create one.

Even the simplest of parties become 10x more fun when guests can dress according to the party’s theme. Here are some ideas to help inspire your event’s theme:

  • Color-based themes
  • Tropical or vacation setting
  • Winter wonderland with fake snow and LED icicles
  • Decade themed
  • Theme created from a classic movie

No matter what theme you go with, it’s a good idea to include photo booth rentals so guests can have keepsakes of the night. Should you decide to go with a color-based theme, you can keep things easy by choosing a classy black and white option. Once you decide on a theme, you can begin customizing your decoration plans and activities to match it.

2. Live Auctions

For many events, the most difficult hurdle is trying to keep the energy up among the guests. Since it’s normal for guests to feel tired as you go later into the evening hours, be proactive by arranging an auction.

Having a live auction take place towards the end of the event gives participants something more to look forward to throughout the night. Have the auction items displayed or listed so guests know what items they’ll have a chance to bid on. Don’t be afraid to include silly items, or even customized gift certificates, that only your guests will appreciate.

3. Team Trivia

Give your guests the gift of trivia night, but add in a twist by creating questions only they’d know the answer to. If you’re throwing a corporate event, create a list of office trivia questions that apply directly to your company.

Include questions like, “what’s the brand of coffee you’ll find in our breakroom?”, and so forth. When the event is taking place, split the guests up into even teams to compete for a trivia trophy.

4. On-Site Entertainment

Give your guests the chance to experience something new by bringing in live entertainment. Here are a few of the different types of entertainment you should consider:

These professionals and more specialize in entertaining for a wide variety of events. Musicians are especially great for group events since they help attendees connect. Research shows that music can amplify the emotions of a group and encourage them to socialize.

You can also have face painting stations available for guests, giving them the chance to feel like a kid again. Finally, consider hiring a caricature artist to create drawings for guests. The silly sketch will serve as a wonderful reminder of your event and the great time they had.

5. Gambling and Fortune Tellers

If you think your guests like taking a walk on the wild side, then consider setting up gaming tables for them to gamble. Instead of gambling with real money, guests will receive vouchers that act like cash. Guests can use their vouchers at the end of the night to redeem thoughtful prizes. We’re sure your guests will love 888 Casino Bonus.

There is also this 겜블시티, the most popular online casino in Korea that offers a full range of live casino games.

This blog explains why gambling is good for your brain. We also suggest hiring a fortune-teller who specializes in event performances. Guests will get a kick out of finding out their future, especially if they have a couple of drinks on board ahead of time.

6. “Yes, and” Guests With Improv

If you want everyone to have a chance to connect at your event, then consider including an improv workshop. The first rule of improv is to always, “yes, and” your partner. This means that when someone has an idea in improv, you support it with a yes, and add to it with your ideas.

Improv is a great way to break the ice while also encouraging team building. We suggest scheduling the improv workshop to take place at the beginning of the event, so guests will be in a playful mood for the entire night.

7. Door Prizes

Do you remember being a kid and going to your friend’s birthday parties? It’s common for parents to give birthday party guests goodie bags, with an assortment of toys and treats.

Even though your guests are adults, that doesn’t mean they’re not kids at heart. However, instead of just giving away the goodies, have your guests draw raffle tickets to compete with each other.

Here’s a list of door prizes your guests would enjoy:

  • Gift cards
  • Tech friendly gadgets
  • Paid days off
  • Delicious treats

Have your guests get their raffle tickets at the beginning of the event. You can then build anticipation for the raffle all night long. Throughout the event, remind guests over the loudspeaker that you’ll be having the drawing for the raffle at the very end.

8. Award Ceremony

Having an award ceremony during your event is a great way to honor your guests. We suggest creating a long list of awards, ranging from sincere to hilarious.

Here are some of the more serious award categories you might want to use:

  • Top Performer
  • Exemplary Customer Service
  • Above and Beyond
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Welcome Aboard
  • Sales Incentives
  • Safety Awards

For silly awards, you can use categories like, “best coffee maker”, or “always in a meeting”.

Have a Blast

Last but not the least, you can impress your guests even when they go to the bathroom during the event. There are portable restroom rentals or special event restrooms that you can rent to provide them with luxury and privacy even when outdoors. You may contact a portable toilet rentals service for this.

Now you know a little more about unique special event ideas. It’s our goal to help our readers have fun while living their best lives, by giving them the answers they need.

Whether you’re looking for help with event planning, career advice, or travel destinations, we’re here for you! For more great ideas go ahead and check out our other articles today.