8 Unique Team Building Activities to Try at Your Business

Bringing your team together for more than work can be a challenge, especially if team members work remotely. Making sure that everyone is both comfortable and included can also be challenging if everyone from the CEO to the intern is involved. A mix of both competitive and non-competitive events is crucial.

1. Commonalities

The commonalities game could be done after a staff meeting or in any large room. To play commonalities, make up a list of simple commonalities that people may share that are not commonly known. When people have that trait, they meet up in the center of the room. You can base it around something simple, such as people who have attended a music festival in the last year or those who don’t like cilantro.

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will take more space, but it can be done for a break right in your office. Team leads can hide objects of a particular color around the office. The team that gathers the most objects wins.

3. Volunteer

Not everyone likes to compete, so make sure you also offer chances to work together. Unloading food trucks or stocking shelves at a local food bank could be a great volunteer opportunity for your team to connect on a deeper level.

4. Cook

A simple group cooking event could include an ice cream sundae bar. Everyone starts with a simple cup of ice cream and gets to build their perfect sundae. Frozen bananas can be dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for a bit more mess and fun. Make sure you leave time for cleaning up!

5. Hand-to-Hand

Put employees of all ranks into two-person teams. Simple commands, such as hand-to-hand or back-to-back will get people moving and loosened up. Next, call face to face and call out a simple topic, such as birthdate or favorite color. Partners share information based on the topic. This activity is a terrific conversation starter.

6. Book a Retreat

Retreats take time and money but are a wonderful way to build deeper friendships. Plan a museum day trip or time at a spa. You can book a fishing trip or take your team to a town full of art galleries or local shops.

7. Take in a Movie

Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out. Reserve a theater and take your team to a movie. Make sure everyone gets popcorn, candy, or whatever snacks they enjoy most. Allow time to chat before and after the film, and consider adding an intermission for a bathroom break and more connection.

8. Have a Field Day

Book a day outdoors. Play pickleball, tetherball, or cornhole. Give away silly prizes. If your team is deeply competitive, dial down the need to declare a winner. Be sure to play games that everyone can participate in, not just those who have an athletic background.

Building your team means creating space for the competitive and non-competitive alike. Make sure your team building activities allow plenty of room for all members to communicate. effectively and engage in a meaningful way. Encourage participation from both competitive individuals who thrive on challenges and non-competitive team members who prefer collaborative efforts.